This is so much more than just a reading. This is a journey back Home to your origin..

I translate lightcodes by opening a portal and accessing your cosmic akashic records after you have granted me permission to do so. It is then that I am able to channel, and translate akashic information. Going back to your star system of origin, your soul blueprint, galactic and earth history, and your spirit guides or guides from the stars, elementals, parallel life incarnations, and more. . I channel all this info for you onto a handful of pages, I draw a portrait based on what I perceive clairvoyantly on this akashic journey, and I channel a guided meditation just for you, from your higher self, and/or spirit guides. So this is an awakening journey to a piece of your soul..

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Each portrait carries individual activations just for you, by visually connecting to your portrait, listening to the personalized guided meditation channeled just for you, and by integrating the written channeled message that your guide or parallel life/soul aspect has for you, you can connect with their energy on a very deep and personal level.

I started out offering spirit animal portraits, but what truly triggered my spiritual re-awakening a few years ago were spontaneous past life and inter-dimensional flashbacks and contacts with my own team of light. I had made portraits for myself, and also felt the nudge to offer this to others.

I consider every person I work with soul-family. I know that beyond the veil a contract was made with both of our names on it.

I consider these portrait journeys to be the most complete way of how I can assist you, you can have it all… you can read the detailed message from your spirit guides, or higher self, read your soul history, take it all in.. and you get to take in the visual activations from the portrait, and let them slowly unlock that part of you that your soul was missing. And you get to deepen this journey on your own, by doing the guided meditation that I created just for you, to further develop your connection to your guide/higher self.

I want you to be able to get as much as possible out of this.

What types of portraits do I offer?

2 main options..

  1. We can go look at you..

2. We can go look at your spirit guides..


I offer soul-aspect/other incarnation/higher self portraits. I don’t like using the term “past lives” because time outside of the 3D reality is not linear, it is more circular, continuously spiraling.. I prefer to use the term parallel-lives or other soul aspects.. other incarnations that your soul has decided to experience, that we can be in contact with and channel information from to assist us in this current lifetime! And those can be (looking at it linearly) “past” or “future” or just interdimensional, cosmic lives, earth lives.. they are experiences of OUR individual soul. They’re other soul aspects, other versions of you that are existing outside of this here lifetime..


I also offer cosmic guide portraits and elemental guide portraits, but I’ve more than once seen that a lot of the time these overlap and blend together somehow. We can in fact be guided by our “future selves” or a cosmic guide that is in fact, just another parallel incarnation of your soul, like explained above. So a person may request a cosmic guide portrait and a very earthly looking being steps forward who in fact is a past incarnation of this person or a very close relative, who chooses to appear this way, but who in fact has also had many star lives. We DO have cosmic guides though that are truly separate from ourselves, as individual sovereign beings, that is what I am referring to in this paragraph.

Then there are also cosmic guides who are very closely connected to nature and the trees or the water, who could be called elemental beings, but may also be a cosmic guide at the same time. Everything is fluid, and very multidimensional. So whomever chooses to step forward, is exactly who you need to hear from and connect with at this time. 

We all have elemental guidance from the dragon, or unicorn or fairy realm too.. be open to being surprised!

I still also offer spirit animal portrait readings. These are very earth-related and don’t fall under the multidimensional portraits, although I have done portraits in the past where the animal guide will refer to the stars. But it does not happen very often.

What are soul aspects? cosmic guides? elemental guides?

Here on earth we have a linear way of thinking, but the universe thinks in concepts and doesn’t really maintain a straight timeline. There is only the now-moment. We speak of past or future lives but in actuality it is all happening now, on different timelines. Connecting with a past life aspect of ourselves is basically just tapping into another aspect of our soul existing on a different timeline that is also taking place in the now-moment. But because we like to visualize this in a linear way we view these lives as “past”lives. If you were to look at a line and go to the middle ages you would indeed say that that is a past life. Now if you were to look at your soul and imagine a big garden, with a bunch of different flowers all growing at the same time, you choose to go smell the roses first, and then you would walk over to the lavender to go smell that, you are smelling one flower first before the other one, when in fact they are all growing and existing at the same moment. We can connect to other soul-aspects of ourselves while living our current life.

We also have so many different types of multidimensional entities supporting us beyond the veil! We have such support. Just like our ancestors and deceased loved ones, past life connections, animal archetypes and angelic beings, we have light beings from other star systems and dimensions supporting us too. More and more people are seeing that extraterrestrial contact and spirituality go hand in hand and that we have connections to other star systems that go way back to times we can’t even imagine. Many people are awakening to their starseed nature.

And then there are also all of Gaia’s nature spirits, the elemental kingdom. They do not solely guide Gaia and her elements such as the trees and water etc.. They work closely with humanity, especially people who feel a close connection to nature. You’ve heard of all the mythological being like unicorns and dragons and mermaids and each culture has it’s own fairy lore. They are the subject of many stories but before earth descended into a 3rd dimensional state of experience we were operating in 5D. Think of times like Lemuria and Atlantis. A more ethereal state of living where we were perfectly able to interact with these beings. As humans entered the descension cycle those 2 worlds separated. Just like with angels there is a small percentage of people that can still perceive this elemental realm.

Connecting with a past or future life version of yourself, a cosmic or elemental guide, sometimes past life connections also step forward, they can be labeled as past life ancestors or soul family, usually they also go back to galactic lifetimes as well as earth lifetimes, as you can tell, it can all be very fluid and overlapping, and it can be extremely beneficial to your spiritual growth to connect on a deep level with your team of light. 

What is a spirit animal?

Just like we have deceased loved ones, souls from our soul family from past lives, or angelic beings in our team of light, we also have animal spirits guiding us! The indigenous from all over the world honored the animal spirits and the spirits of the land. Some of our animal guides can be deceased pets, but also wild animal archetypes that guide us throughout our lifetime here on earth because they symbolize a certain theme that we are working on in this specific incarnation. Connecting with an animal guide can be extremely beneficial to your spiritual growth. 

you will receive:

  • 1 portrait in watercolor paint + pencil on thick watercolor painting paper: A3 size [11-3/4 x 16-1/2 inches or 297 x 420 mm]
  • 1 channeled message/cosmic akashic records reading. I will send you your reading as a typed out message that is usually a handful of pages long.
  • A personalized channeled meditation, one of a kind, attuned to your specific energy and portrait, guided by your higher self and/or spirit guide(s) in mp3 format for you to deeper connect to your guide/soul aspect.

The energetic value of this package is:

•€222 worldwide shipping included

You can request your portrait package below, and I will e-mail you back within 24 hours to determine what type of portrait and reading you would like to receive. Carefully read over the above explanations and let me know what speaks to you. If you aren’t sure yet, we can figure out together what would be the best fit for you, and what questions specifically you’d like to have answered. I can give you a general akashic reading, which is like opening the book of your soul and reading through it, but I can also search through the book so to speak based on your specific questions.

The wait between request and me being able to start the connection and paint is about 2 weeks, from that point on I truly dive into the essence of the being and it may take a few weeks for the portrait to be finished, I want to make sure that I offer you something that feels complete to me, but throughout the process I will gladly stay in touch with you through e-mail to keep you up to date and send you progress pics and videos :).