After we started offering our energy forecast readings for individuals we started to notice a pattern in our readings. Often we would naturally attract twin flames and twin flame information would pop up in the readings.

This reading differs from the akashic records and angel readings. The purpose of the akashic records readings is to look at your soul purpose and history. And the angel readings really answer a specific issue that you need guidance with. The energy forecasts really offer an intuitive guideline for you to navigate the next year with…

Myself and my beloved Nick work together in reading and interpreting the rune stones and cards, combined with the intuitive guidance that we receive from our guides and your higher self.

We look at the energy for you and your twin, whether in separation or union, for the next 12 months, and give you a guideline to work with.

This reading would really be focused all around the twin connection and how it could potentially unfold/develop further/evolve this year.

The way we work is that we are “logged in“, we jokingly call it, into each other telepathically, just like we always have been in past lives where we worked together. We break the information down per month and per trimester of the year. In a written PDF with pictures of all the cards and rune stones and explain everything the best we can so that you can really use this reading as an “energetic calendar” throughout the year.

We perform the reading together, have a conversation and complement each other intuitively, we record our conversation, which I then transcribe and turn into a written guideline for you.

We always advise people to pull up this reading regularly throughout the year. That way you can use it as a reference and go look at the different trimesters and months specifically as time goes by. Because a lot of what has come up will become more and more clear as things unravel and unfold for you throughout the year.

You can request your reading right here:

12-month twin flame energy forecast

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After we receive your reading request, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss further details. Time between order and delivery may range anywhere from 1 month to a month and a half, depending on what our mentorship/coaching schedule looks like, but we will always keep you up to date!