More and more I started incorporating healing into my akashic records work. I have noticed that my readings have started to become longer and longer and go more into detail on how to alleviate physical ailments and sometimes even drastically shift and heal all symptoms. This was never my intention but more and more I have awakened to the information that I am meant to heal soul trauma and ethereal wounds.

I’ve always had a love for hypnosis and was borrowing library books and doing in-home hypnosis experiments at age 17 with the scripts from the books. I have since studied up on past life hypnosis, started working with past lives and the akashic records extensively, hypnobirthed 2 children into the world and have started performing hypnotic journeys in my 1 on 1 mentorship journeys with people.

Healing however only came to me recently, but once I rolled into it it became very clear very quickly that this was not new to me and that perhaps I had been way more experienced at healing than I ever thought. Because each person I healed and sent healing energy towards reported back that their entire energy had shifted after my session.

It was brought to my attention again by a friend who mentored with me a while back to awaken her inner knowledge on the akashic records. In Lemuria, when we were friends in a past life, the roles were apparently reversed and she was an akashic records reader and I was a healer, we decided to activate each other to each other’s gifts in this lifetime and I have sent her many thanks on the inner planes for coming into my life. We took angel healing level 1 together last March. For me it felt like an angelic attunement that awakened a lot of other abilities, not just healing. It was a big spring clean up. After that I started experimenting with healings on those around me and long distance with hypnosis and yesterday I combined some self-hypnosis with hands on healing to treat my husband Nick’s lingering back pain that’s been bothering him for a while now.

And 2 nights in a row now my Pleiadian Self came through and literally guided me through it step by step. She appeared in her astral body in the room with me and took my hands and moved them from place to place, she connected to my 3rd eye and showed me the energetics of his spine. Showing me where there was what seemed to me like “energetic mold” almost, as I placed my hands on each vertebrae, she showed me where this platinum Pleiadian light was hitting all the “mold” and it was evaporating. As the mold melted away, I moved my hands down the spine, when a galactic guide from Cygnus (Nick’s star system or origin) introduced itself and assisted in eliminating the “black” energies out of Nick’s chakra system.

What I was shown was an ethetic wound the size of a long blade almost, in between the shoulder blades. Out of this lightbody of golden light was a red scar that was forming, alongside part of the spine. It went deep and required a lot of healing energy. I was told that this was the “original angelic separation wound”. Something I have come across quite a lot lately. This is because we’re being asked to really step into our wisdom now and this wound gets triggered because we feel more separate than ever in the chaos that is going on around us. But in reality we can heal this wound, WITH the help of the angelic realm and your entire spirit entourage.

In these healings, I work with angels, cosmic guides, ancestors, elementals, it’s a very personal journey and I am open to your guidance team and the energies that would be most suitable for you right now.

What is a constant in all of my sessions is how we begin.. I take you to Telos, inner earth.

I got re-introduced to my Telosian guide in 2018 and discovered a whole new way of healing that felt so familiar, like Mother Earth, unlike the healing energy of the angelics and cosmic beings etc. This energy comes straight through the core of Gaia.

I take you to:

🔮 the Violet Flame temple 🔮 in Telos.

So much healing can be found once we allow the Great Mother to take us deep into the Earth with her, great healing and safety and transmutation can be found in this space where so many beings reside that want to assist us on this spiritual journey.

I love offering you the information through readings, but often it exposes the wounds. By offering you a hypnosis session after where we can go to the places in the body where these blocks are located, we can heal and transmute the energy into light for higher self embodiment. I can do this in person if you happen to be close to where I am, BUT I also do this long distance just like my akashic records readings …

Disclaimer: Healing these etheric wounds usually takes more than one single session. To really get to the bottom of this, 3 sessions are usually required. They can be spread out a bit, or they can follow back to back..

akashic healing hypnosis (1 session of 1 hour)

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akashic healing hypnosis (3 sessions of 1 hour)

schedule 3 separate sessions on the calendar below after finalizing payment ps: payment is possible in all currencies. PayPal automatically converts the currency. If you’d like to calculate the difference to get an idea I recommend this website: