In this category you’ll be able to find more information on the different ways I can connect you to your akashic records.

I started out studying alpha-training (self hypnosis) when I was a teenager, I dove into hypnosis and read books and books on past lives, the akashic records and regressive hypnosis. I sat in the “paranormal” section at the library and was hunting for good information. This was before there was a lot of good information available online. Simultaneously I was working my way through art school.

I did my first past life hypnosis on my mother, I was 17 at the time and was just reading off of a script from the book. And still it worked, and we were amazed. I knew everything that I needed to know. Hypnosis was a conversation with someone’s higher self, someone’s soul-voice.

Then years later I started reading the akashic records “on accident”. I had a kundalini awakening in 2017 which caused me to be able to see the “layers” of reality and time of my soul aka parallel lifetimes. And I started doing this for others and helping them work with this akashic information in a few different ways. Below you can read more about what we can do together: