We often forget that we have an entire team of angels backing us up on this earth journey.

If you want to learn more on how I can dive into your akashic records and connect to your own personal spirit guides and higher self, then go to the akashic blueprints and the akashic portraits pages.

Before I started working with the akashic records I was an angel communicator. The angelic realm is what really got the spiritual development ball rolling for me. The archangel reading is a very traditional angel reading where I connect to your energy and ask for an archangel to come in with a message for you in this time on your journey.

you can ask me a specific question or something in your life that you’d like the archangels’ guidance with. Or you can just be open to whatever the archangels would like for you to know at this point on your journey.

Why archangels?

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

The archangels are basically God, Source, Creator divided into different frequencies. The archangels are the direct tentacles so to speak of the Godhead. They are neither solely masculine or feminine, although certain angels tend to have a more masculine energy whereas others have a more feminine energy, but all archangels have a feminine and masculine energy that they carry.

working with archangels can create massive shifts in your life, because it is one of the easiest ways to connect to Source, especially when you are just starting out on your spiritual journey. It literally doesn’t take any effort. Just by placing your intention and calling upon a certain angel you can call them into your energy and give them permission to assist you and raise your frequency and dissolve blocks for you and offer solutions. Because they carry such a high frequency they can have a very big impact on our lives.

But how to know which archangel would be good for you to call upon? That’s where I come in. I’d love to be able to tune into your energy and be the bridge between you and the archangels and offer you a message from a specific archangel. These are easy-guidance, to the point-answers to the questions asked. A push by the angelics in the right direction… I do want to state that for a detailed in depth akashic reading I refer you to the 2 aforementioned services.

Curious which archangel has a message for you?

struggling somewhere in life and open to guidance from the archangels? I’d love to assist you and connect you to them. If you have a question, or one area in particular that you’d like some quick, to the point guidance on. The archangelic realm is perfect to consult!

archangel message


Inviting the archangels into your life can be greatly liberating and a life-shifting experience! You can request your archangel reading above, and I will e-mail you back asap to determine what you would like clarity on, what aspect of your life you would like angelic guidance with etc. These are quick readings meant to offer direct guidance, so these are fulfilled within 48 hours.