After performing akashic records readings for a while I started to add a scan of the 12-chakra system of each person at the end of my readings. It always perfectly matched what came up in the reading. Pieces of information are then shown to me, how they are existing within the energy body, what that looks like in the chakras. After a while I felt the call to also start offering these chakra scans as a separate service in and of itself.

So here we are!

  • I ask to be shown your energy body and your 12 chakras (13 if the higher heart is activated).
  • I work with the Pleiadian 12/13 chakra system.
  • I see colors, shapes, patterns, in the chakras, how open/closed they are.
  • I can see connections between chakras and how they are influencing each other.
  • If there are energetic blocks I am shown how these can be remedied.
  • I will get suggestions as to what could be helpful to clear these blocks.

– If you have specific questions, things you’d like clarity around in the reading, you’re more than welcome to share. –

The chakra scan is something that is always included in the akashic blueprint reading, as a sort of an overview of the entire reading. But you can now also request just a chakra scan if you are simply interested in the state of your chakra system right now, without the need for an akashic records reading. 

It is the channel through which the kundalini energy flows. This life force flows through these different energy points in our body, but if somewhere there is a chakra that is holding onto pain or trauma or not in alignment with the other chakras then this flow can become distorted or blocked, causing these specific chakras to not function properly, which results in emotional and physical imbalances.

So if you are interested in knowing how some of the blocks you’ve been having are related to your chakra system, or perhaps you’ve received a reading from me in the past that already included a chakra scan and you’d like to see if your hard work has influenced your energy body. Perhaps you have specific blocks and you would like to see how they are represented within your chakra system, so you can receive suggestions on how to balance these blocks. 

I am traveling and life always guides me to new surroundings and places where I have to work with the space and privacy that I am presented with so depending on how I intuitively feel the message would be best received by you, and how I am able to accommodate that, I will either be sending you a recorded audio link, or a typed out PDF file.

chakra scan

After I receive your reading request, I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss further details. Time between order and delivery is around 2 weeks, depending on what my mentorship/coaching schedule looks like, but I will always keep you up to date!