Want to meet your higher self?

I offer my akashic blueprint readings where I take a look at your blueprint, what frequencies you came in here with, your mission, your history as a soul.. And I have my portrait packages, where I offer the same reading + a higher self portrait + a guided meditation/hypnosis journey, where you meet and interact with your higher self.

I decided to start offering these higher self journeys as a separate service too!

What is this higher self journey?

  • it’s an entirely channeled transmission , orchestrated by your higher self
  • fine-tuned to your blueprint
  • a visual journey where you are brought into a hypnotic state of complete relaxation
  • where you get to meet and interact with your higher self
  • an effortless journey guided by my voice
  • offered through me to you, by your higher self
  • no 2 transmissions are ever the same, each time I hit record I am a blank slate, and a whole unique meditative journey is recorded, specifically formulated for you BY you, by your higher self 

What can you expect?

  • a hypnotic induction where I bring you to an alpha and later theta brainwave state where you get to experience full relaxation
  • an infusion with the frequencies of your blueprint and higher self
  • a meeting with your higher self where you get to communicate on a subconscious level with the highest version of yourself
  • the opportunity to talk everything over if you decide to go on this journey live vs pre-recorded

There are 2 ways to go on this journey with me:

  • You can receive a pre-recorded meditation/hypnosis audio file or…
  • Let me guide you through a live journey + after talk..

I have found that while guiding people through this experience, that I also incorporate healing and send it into the journey, where the higher self heals soul trauma with you. In person I may use my hands and place them on you.. resulting in feeling the energy shift in the body, long distance I may offer healing suggestions that you may experience in the body. What I do is best called an “intuitive guided hypnosis” journey, to meeting your higher self, and sometimes the higher self takes you to past lives, sometimes it takes you to childhood experiences, sometimes it takes you to a special place just to relax..each journey is different, and highly valuable for the person experiencing it. If this is something that you would like to experience, know that I am absolutely dedicated to your experience and connection with your higher self, and bringing forth whatever is important for you to witness and integrate at this moment. I hold space for your connection with your higher self, and the messages they have for you.

If you want the full package, and meet your higher self in the deepest possible way, then go ahead and check out the portraits and the readings and meditations that come with them, but if you are curious.. Would like to meet your higher self in meditation, then go ahead and jump in with me. I’d love to connect you to your higher self!

After requesting your desired way of receiving this transmission below, I will email you within 24 hours for more details/to schedule.

pre-recorded higher self journey

Pre-recorded transmission where I guide you through a higher self meditation/hypnosis.


live higher self journey + aftertalk

Live transmission where I guide you through a higher self meditation/hypnosis + aftertalk + recording sent to you afterwards.