We go through chaos, challenges, stress, all to get back to who we are on a soul level, to find our core self back, and our eternal connection to Source. What we are doing here, in 2022.. is activating our dormant Lemurian/Atlantean DNA, activating our Crystalline Self, activating all of our parallel lifetimes. Unlocking codes and keys to everything that our soul has ever experienced.. Going through a spiritual awakening…

in my Modern Mystic Mentorship I dive deep into this at the deepest level possible..

After I started offering my Modern Mystic Mentorship, I’ve had many people tell me that they are interested in working with me 1 on 1 in mentorship…
Yet they can’t find the time, with kids, a busy schedule.. or there are other factors..that prevent them from fully saying yes and stepping into a 1 on 1 journey with me for a month..

And after I’ve had a few people approach me with this message.. I started to get nudges from my guidance team, to come up with a solution.

A few months went by.. and here and there the idea of a “light” or mini Modern Mystic Mentorship journey would pop into my head.

So I decided to develop a mini version of my existing mentorship service, that may be the exact solution for you, when you are ready to uplevel your connection to your higher self, and to your guides and your own akashic records, while being able to live your life, and have your schedule the way you have it. 

The main difference with the traditional mentorship is that this doesn’t include an akashic records reading, or the live video calls. 

akashic records reading/
4 live video calls/
unlimited email access/response within 24 hours on week daysunlimited email access/response within 24 hours on week days
personalized affirmations & meditationspersonalized affirmations/clearing statements OR a Moon Reading

It is basically a very flexible program, where we work together for 1 month, where I guide you through e-mail contact and/or written or voice messages on social media, whatever works for you and you’re comfortable with. 

We start off by looking at what it is that you would like to get out of this month, and work around that.
We work around any blocks or limitations that you still have, that you would like to clear, metaphysical/spiritual questions that you’d like to gain more information about.. 

This program contains 2 options:

  1. I create angelic clearing statements with your higher self, for you to work with every day. And then we play it by ear… we see what comes up for you, what experiences you’re having, any and all metaphysical questions that you have, or things you’d like to learn or integrate.. 
  2. Or instead of listening to an audio every day, you may prefer to receive a Moon Reading from my beloved Nick, where he takes a look at the energy of the coming month for you.

You choose how you want to start your mentorship, and after that we stay in contact for the duration of an entire month.

I went into more detail on my own story on the full mentorship page. But by making this investment in my Self, when I was in need of a mentor myself back in 2017, I was able to shift my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. By doing something that my soul really wanted, maybe for the first time in my life, I shifted the entire energy that my life was built upon back then, and by shifting that foundation, I was able to shift and open up all other aspects of my life. And I dare say with full conviction, that if it wasn’t for me taking that step back then, working with a mentor.. I would not be here, offering all of my experience to you, working passionately towards helping as many people as I possibly can, every day, stepping more and more into my soul mission. It’s a snowball effect really..

Some people even opt to keep on going with the mentorship after the month is up. If this is something that interests you then let me know, and we can continue the journey.

And check out my free course “activate your telephone line to source” to get a taste of what I want to offer you.


*1 month of 1-1 e-mail/text/voice message coaching *channeled clearing statements + additional information that may be relevant to your journey




*1 month of 1-1 e-mail/text/voice message coaching *Moon Reading + additional information that may be relevant to your journey