We go through chaos, challenges, stress, all to get back to who we are on a soul level, to find our core self back, and our eternal connection to Source. What we are doing here, in 2022.. is activating our dormant Lemurian/Atlantean DNA, activating our Crystalline Self, activating all of our parallel lifetimes. Unlocking codes and keys to everything that our soul has ever experienced.. Going through a spiritual awakening…

Modern Day Mystic” will be a journey on the deepest, most personal level. A 1-on-1 mentorship journey towards integration of your akash, and a deep connection to your higher self, everything you are and have been in all time, space, realities, dimensions. With the end result of fully navigating life as a modern day mystic.

“Is this for me?” is a question I’ve heard before. And the answer is, it’s for anyone wanting to dive into their own unique soul gifts, and their specific blueprint and angelic connections! I’ve worked with people who have just started out on this awakening journey, who need guidance along the way, who want to tune in more to their intuition, and learn about their spiritual gifts and talents. And I’ve worked with advanced healers and energy workers who have been on this journey for years, who are ready to work with their potential on an even deeper level. We dive into your soul and see who you are, on an energy level, and how you can bring out the best of you, to become the best you.. On this journey I look at what YOU want to get out of it, in combination with what is clearly presenting itself to be your natural soul gifts and talents, and what I always like to emphasize is that this is a Modern Mystic Journey. It’s all about balance, we will look at your lifestyle and find tips and tricks that fit into your life and that are realistic, for you to have a positive spiritual development experience.

The akash of the collective is being awakened. If you’ve watched my video series “Navigating life as a modern day mystic” you’ll have seen that it’s perfectly possible to balance a fine line between living in this modern day reality, and embracing your soul’s mystery school memories of lifetimes ago.

It’ll be a blend of everything that I already offer separately, all poured into one mega-deep dive with me, it’s a 1-month personal connection between you and me, where we combine everything in one guided mentorship journey.. It’s everything that I offer separately..and more:

⚡weekly live video-calls

⚡unlimited email access/response within 24 hours

⚡angelic guidance

⚡akashic unlocking

⚡restoring soul gifts and mission

⚡intuitive/psychic development

⚡lifting past life blocks/trauma

⚡clearing & healing

⚡personalized affirmations & meditations



There is no “perfect” time to finally offer this to you, because life is a continuous journey of spiritual growth, this is me, offering my experience, into the initiations of Modern Mysticism, to you, so that it may assist you on your journey, serve as a guiding light on your path, so that you have someone to go to, talk to, rely on during this process. I know first hand how valuable it is to work with spiritual mentors and coaches. I’ve worked with a few coaches over the years, and some of them have become friends for life. These are soul contracts that have been made pre-incarnation.

I look at everyone I work with as a soulmate-client. We made an agreement to work together. And that is why I am so passionate about being here for you, fully. That is why I want to make sure that you get my full attention when we work together, and my full empathy. I am not someone to look up to, I am just one step ahead of you, started on this journey just a little earlier, that’s it! I am here to show you who YOU are deep down inside. Because I know how life transformative it can be to have someone else show you that part of you.. 

If you are feeling the call to work with me for 1-month, know that this is your soul remembering that you’re ready to dive into who you are on a soul level, and to re-discover all the lost puzzle pieces of yourself.⚡

The energetic value of getting one month of 1-on-1 mentorship with me is €555 right now.

I do offer a payment plan option with 5 installments of €111 paid weekly. 

⚡If you’re thinking “maybe it’s not for me”, but you are feeling the pull towards this offer. Know that I was once in your shoes..

actual image of the trailer 🙂

I was living in a trailer in the desert..

Did not have the extra money..

My life was pure chaos at the time.. 

Didn’t feel like working with a mentor was a priority at the time..

But it turns out that it was exactly the right time to work with a mentor…

By making this investment in my Self, I was able to shift my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. By doing something that my soul really wanted, maybe for the first time in my life, I shifted the entire energy that my life was built upon back then, and by shifting that foundation, I was able to shift and open up all other aspects of my life. And I dare say with full conviction, that if it wasn’t for me taking that step back then, working with a mentor.. Out of my fifth wheel trailer in the desert, with a toddler sleeping in the back of the trailer.. At night working with my mentor and doing the work.. If it wasn’t for that valuable period of time that I gifted myself, if it wasn’t for that decision, I would not be here, offering all of my experience to you, working passionately towards helping as many people as I possibly can, every day, stepping more and more into my soul mission. It’s a snowball effect really..

I am so excited about this offer that I want to offer it for the price of €555 right now, which covers many of the different services that I offer, all in one. You get every experience that you could get from me, all combined in this one-month personal journey. I’m looking forward to working with you, and to see you unlock the keys to the doors that hold the akashic information that you wish to bring forth in this lifetime of ascension! 

I am accepting 3 people per month, this to ensure that I can properly hold space for your process and journey during that 1-month period of time. And so that we can truly work together on a deep level. 

If this is you, please book your spot below, and I will get back to you within 24 hours with all the details. Or if you have any additional questions about this, perhaps you’d like to talk about this a little deeper, feel free to contact me through the contact form! Or book a single coaching session with me first to see if Modern Mystic Mentorship would be a good fit for you… Or in case you’d like a follow-up session after you’ve completed the mentorship, you’re always more than welcome!

If this sounds good, but you are finding it hard to find the time for video calls, or you would like to get straight to the point coaching without the need for an in depth akashic records reading, then my mini-Modern Mystic Mentorship journey may be a better fit for you. However, if you value the live video calls, and the akashic records reading, then this deep dive is what you need and you can find more information about availability below.

Some people even opt to keep on going with the mentorship after the month is up. If this is something that interests you then let me know, and we can continue the journey week by week.

And check out my free course “activate your telephone line to source” to get a taste of what I want to offer you.


1 month of 1-on-1 coaching full payment I will email you asap so we can set up a starting date.



1 month of 1-on-1 coaching 1st installment out of 5 (once mentorship is started you will receive the remainder of the invoices on a weekly basis)