Mother’s Day soul-contract special [from May 13th – 16th]

As I dove into my own soul contracts, shared past life history with people, memories, shared mission. I realized what a valuable asset it was to be able to read my own akashic records, and the connections between myself and other people in my life right now on an energetic level. Because of this, I’ve been able to add a whole extra layer of understanding to our story, and we’ve been able to dive deeper into the connection, and clear and heal obstacles way faster..

I do these type of “contract readings” for all kinds of soul-connections, but I wanted to give some special attention today to the mothers.. Do you who wish to learn more about the connection you have with your children?

In this special mother’s day reading I will take a look at your soul contract with your child

  • shared past lives
  • your mission here together, aka purpose of your bond now.
  • blocks that find their origin in another shared incarnation
  • just some cosmic history behind the relationship with your child

For more information on the other soul contract readings and other soul-dynamics possible go here.

If you want your own personal soul’s history in great detail – then the akashic records reading is what you’ll need. The soul contract reading gets into shared history, and the purpose of your connection with another person(s) in this lifetime. Many people get a soul contract reading after they’ve already gotten a personal akashic records reading. But you can also get a soul contract reading, just know that it will only cover the shared soul history and not your own personal timeline.

extra info

I work with both of your energies, as a unified energy. Permission from both parties is needed for optimal access to the records. With the exception of children under the age of 12.

Exploring the soul connection and its history, purpose and defining obstacles.

The messages go over the “timeline” of your soul-connection to the other person, and the purpose of the connection, shared past lives, etc..

Audio recorded mother-child soul contract reading [special from May 13th – 16th]]

After I receive your booking, I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss further details, you then get the chance to send me your questions, information and a picture. Time between order and delivery may range anywhere 4 to 6 weeks depending on what my mentorship/coaching schedule looks like, but I will keep you up to date! ̶€̶1̶5̶5̶ -44%