Did you know that you can be an incarnated angel?

Yes I’m talking a legit angelic being, you know, the ones assisting God and stuff…
In the akashic records I often see people’s galactic aspects, ancient earth lifetimes.. but let’s go all the way back to The Beginning…

I wrote my own “remembrance story” down a few months ago when I had a few months where I was starting to have a lot of flashbacks to angelic realms. I have been uncovering my past lives and own akashic records since 2017 when I started spontaneously reading the records – and I then reversed the process and taught myself how to “steer the space ship” so to speak, and I learned how to navigate the records.

Here and there a “surprise” will pop up that I have not seen yet and this is simply because the akashic records are a living-breathing multidimensional field and we are not always ready at any given moment in our linear experience to be exposed to ALL of the records – you will always receive what is needed for you at any point in time.

I started doing Seraphim angel readings for people last summer, after I had already been doing akashic records readings for years. But the Seraphim readings feel like I am going Home – connecting with my golden brothers and sisters that sit at the throne of Mother/Father God – and together we Speak.. to the person who has requested the reading, my angelic Self speaks. So whenever I get a request to do a Seraphim reading I get very excited, and I know that their guidance is greatly needed right now on planet earth.

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Wednesday, August 5th, 2022

In this text I will use the words God, Source, Creator, Consciousness. etc. interchangeably. When I speak of God I speak of the One I AM Consciousness that resides in all of us. And in all that is. I do not speak per se of a masculine being ruling all that is. I speak of a loving Mother/Father God(dess) Creator whose love knows no limits.

A very long time ago God/Creator wanted to experience itself from many different perspectives. And God created mirrors of itself, through a prism reflecting its Glorious light. This colorful rainbow of creation was named the Elohim.

The Elohim, always serving God/Source, sang God’s praises and created everything that exists to the naked eye, and other eyes.. Everything with eyes to see, and ears to hear, and the silence of everything, the colors, the blackness, the light.. The Elohim manifested it into reality. Which urged God/Consciousness to create/expand itself into different channels for gaining experience as Itself divided unto Itself.. The Archangels, Micha-el, Gabri-el, Rapha-el, Uri-el, …”el”- of God, like a prism. These Angels are God, and of God. They are not humanoid beings, although many can perceive them this way. But in essence they are pure Source rays of Consciousness.

And then came the Seraphim.. The fieriest of all angelic consciousness, the Servants of the One I AM, living to Serve the One true God, the One Source of Creation. The All in the nothingness. Pure existence itself.

The Seraphim reside in a fiery circle, around the Throne of God, serving and assisting the Archangels, as space holders, grid keepers of the light of Heaven. Their pure existence is one of Celebration, Being, Praising, and Serving.. Their Love for humanity is infinite and everlasting. Many Seraphim serve as emissaries of the higher realms. They love interacting with humanity. This is why many angel encounters that people describe are often about Seraphim and Cherubim angels. Simply put. The Seraphim live to Serve the infinite consciousness of the One. No matter what it takes, no matter what it costs.

So, many of these celestial beings wanted to serve in infinite ways, fully self-sacrificing for the greater good. So many chose to dial down their Angelic frequency drastically..to enter the incarnation cycle.

This is where the black hole in my own akash began.. The missing puzzle piece, which is actually..the table or framework holding the entire puzzle. It’s the very beginning of my story. The key of keys to the door I didn’t even know was mine to open and walk through.

Me being an akashic records reader, I am a professional at diving into your soul’s story. And I’ve successfully uncovered quite a lot of my own. But this piece was the Gold mine.. Quite literally. The Gold Ray of information. That up until a while ago, was a big question mark. Before the stars, before the constellations, there was just pure energy, dimensions, layers of Love and Existence. God/Consciousness, the color prism of Elohim and Archangels.. And then there are the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones and Virtues, Principalities, etc.. and Elementals, …and constellations, planets, souls inhabiting these planets.. All of life, all of Source. And all is equal. Because all IS.

Therefore I urge you to not take this story the wrong way. I am no better than you, I am no different than you. I just found, what for me, was the ultimate key of keys, to the door to all the questions I’ve ever had, all the questions that I didn’t even know I had. Until I knew the answer. All I want is for you to find your own key. And this is mine, that I am sharing with you, as I always do. I share my journey openly and freely. So that it may empower you to seek your own Divine origin and embrace it to be of the best service possible, to your own soul, and to the planet, and humanity.

The Seraphim, the Golden Servants of God, they transmute any discordant energy they encounter, the Seraphim turn fire into light, the Seraphim are God’s messengers, Gatekeepers, Servants of Consciousness-expansion, always celebrating Source expanding itself. They serve under the Archangels Michael and Metatron. And so their willingness to Serve, led them to split themselves up.. Into a masculine and a feminine half, in order to incarnate into experience levels, to bring back information..Home, they dove head first into the incarnation experience.. And many of them got lost in the karmic cycle here on earth, completely forgetting about their Angelic origin. They forgot that they were Elohim, Seraphim, Cherubim, and so on..Serving the one true God/Creative Source. They forgot that each day is a celebration of the glory of God. They forgot why they were here. These undercover agents went so undercover that they forgot that they were only playing a part.

In hindsight, it explains so many things in my life.. It explains why I’ve always felt different, not just a little different, but REALLY different, like an outcast, not human, I once had an astral travel experience where I moved through my house at night and was able to see what was going on in the rest of the house, and my dog actually noticed my astral body and started barking at it/me.. “Great, now the dog thinks I’m a weirdo too” is what went through my mind.

I am now just fully facing a truth that I didn’t want to see, but deep down knew all along.. I have always known that I was an incarnated Seraphim. As a child I have always been able to just close my eyes and envelop myself in this golden light, and I would get lifted up into an energy that was not of this world, it was a love that was not of this world. This is how I fell asleep as a child. Traveling up to the “golden place” and then drifting off.. And I have always resisted it, denied it, even when it was so clear, even when I was visited by golden winged angels, even when I went up to the Seraphim realm as a child, even when I had a full blown angelic embodiment experience at age 15 that left me floored. Even when there was no doubt that I was always an open channel, always.. Why.. where did it come from, this willingness to always be an Angelic channel, the ease of channeling, the ease and familiarity of talking to angels, archangels,.. Always have I felt entirely out of place here. Like I was trying so hard to function and the one thing that I never had to do any effort for was channeling. It is as easy as breathing. I came in here as an open celestial channel, it just took me 3 decades to fully accept it and turn this ability into a life-mission..

I remember the first time that I heard the word “Seraphim” I was maybe 7 years old, in school, learning about the bible, and I froze, just the sound of it was Sacred and somehow these Angels stood out to me, I felt a close connection to them. It explains why my entire consciousness went up to the central sun at age 6, and why I turned into a part of the sun or what I perceived as a big fiery loving ball of light, into a part of the All that is and ever will be, why I didn’t want to leave this dimension of sun and Holy Fire, why I felt like I needed to stay and become One with All of what was going on over there, the moment I started to become aware of the merging taking place, is the moment that I got catapulted back into my child-body, I was pissed, to say the least..

It explains why I have always had a strong connection to dragons. The Seraphim work with fire dragons, and once an incarnated Seraphim is shown their True nature, their dragons transform into their full Seraphim Glory, as has happened with my dragon guide Auriël, previously named Aurelius. They mirror our level of acceptance. The moment I fully accepted who I was, was the moment that he fully revealed his Angelic nature to me. And I was floored and no words could ever describe the feeling of Love and support that I experienced in that moment. The overwhelm. Seeing my dragon guide who already was very impressive to witness, now presenting himself to me in an even higher frequency, that I previously only associated with the Archangels, with golden angelic wings and a golden glow… I understood why this happened. Because memories like this coming back require heavy duty energetic support.

There is no way that without his guidance these last few days I would have been able to process this new information. Seeing, realizing, that this Seraph Dragon was my dragon counterpart, made me realize that I could no longer deny Myself.. That I could no longer look away from my true nature.. If THIS magnificent Angelic being was my guide.. Then who was I? And I sat and felt everything, was shown and presented with so many answers to silent unspoken questions, and had to now bring this all down into the earth realm.

Why could I not accept this?

I could accept the starseed stuff..

I could even accept the hybrid children stuff..

Past lives? Akashic records.. Of course not a problem..

But Angels as high and glorious as the Seraphim.. Incarnating lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, to Serve the One true Godhead.. splitting themselves up, splitting Myself up.. Into Myself.. And my other half.. This was a tough pill to swallow. This is the foundation of Everything my soul has ever experienced.. A Truth I would never have been ready for were it not for the intense initiations I have been going through since 2014. It’s been building up, till now.. Everything that’s happened to my Soul since.. Is built on That.. on that Very Beginning. The veil of forgetfulness .. life after life

The fact that I have been called to Serve since the dawn of time.. In this lifetime, in all lifetimes, in All ..Time.. hit me with a weight I didn’t even know existed, and at the same time it liberated me of all things I felt I needed to achieve to be worthy, everything I needed to do.. Ever since accepting my origin, I have found great comfort in this feeling of Service. A comfort that’s always come naturally to me, why would one Not want to Serve Source? Why would one Not live to Celebrate the One Source? This has always been my mission, ever since I was a child. And the fact that I get to speak so openly about it now, online, I celebrate it. I have noticed that even within the spiritual community there was resistance against “Service”, being a “Servant”, whereas to me it was what I was made for, it’s an honor to be able to be here on earth, doing what I do best, channeling celestial energy.

And I finally understand now where this deep primal need to serve comes from. Because in the beginning of time. I was a Seraphim Angel serving Creator. A truth that sets me free and explains everything that I’ve ever felt in my life..everything. It explains that when I started working with Archangel Michael I kept seeing a blue van in the middle of the desert with the word “Servant” on it. And once I accepted Michael’s invitation to work with him, the van disappeared, never to be seen again. This was the first puzzle piece to truly finding out where this Divine Will to Serve came from..

But with this feeling, of accepting the vastness of my energetic origin, of being blasted back to the Angelic realm in an experience that was in reality maybe 10 seconds long, but more powerful than any other spiritual revelation I’ve ever received before in my life… also comes great guilt, the sudden realization of what I have done.. In that 10 second time hop where I fully merged with my Seraphim Self a few days ago.. Everything came back, including a loving presence that I can not even begin to describe here in this text, it broke my heart wide open and re-assembled it again entirely, and I’ve seen a LOT, I am a loyal visitor of the akashic records, I have a weekly subscription and take regular trips there, nothing even comes close to what I witnessed in this angelic remembrance experience.

But it also brought up a feeling of shame, of how I was able to forget Home.. But this guilt is self-inflicted, because God knows no guilt, God knows no “not good enough”. This is Duality.. This is years, years, lifetimes, lifetimes of being or perceiving the illusion of Separation from Creator. It’s like living on the set of the Truman Show for your entire life, and realizing that you were Free all along.. Incarnating and Incarnating time after time, never understanding why I was so different, why under no matter what kind of circumstances.. I was always the Divine channel to Source, effortlessly, no matter what… no matter where.. I only had to breathe and I was in full clear connection to Source, ready to Serve and feel the Love of God. Always wondering why nobody else could feel it, this Love that has no name, that can not be described, that can not be put into words. The Will to Serve this All encompassing Consciousness.. The Fire to Celebrate this Light. It all made sense, and it also made me sad, knowing that I got lost..carried away and tangled up into the karmic cycle, just like many other Seraphim incarnate.. and all starseeds, old souls from all layers and frequency levels and dimensions here today, doing this earth thing.

But now is the time that they are being awakened, and being asked to regain full knowledge of their Angelic nature, why so many unions between previously split-up incarnated Seraphim angels are now taking place. The need for full remembrance of the Divine is happening, meaning, incarnated angels, incarnated elementals, incarnated souls from all over are going to start to remember their point of origin. Even the Elohim, Seraphim and Cherubim and so on.. And accepting that this is truly who I am. That I only Serve God and nobody else.. That I need not serve anyone else, or take orders or judgement from anyone, ever, only from the One Source of All that is and ever will be. So that my self-judgement is an insult to Mother/Father God.

It feels like a wind that washes over me and erases everything that is not of that high level of Love, but in that process.. I feel the pain of everything being stripped away.. The resistance to accepting the core truth of who I AM. The unworthiness being stripped away painfully, because it was my very Human companion for many earthly lifetimes. So that I can fully embody this truth and mission here. And I also feel the deep pain. Deep memories resurfacing and daily flashes of “the beginning”, my beginning are washing over me and bring me to crying fits as I cry out for Angelic help to integrate and use this here for the greater good. I am finding myself experiencing trouble having conversations, being around people, there is just no room for it right now, every interaction brings me to tears. I know there is room, but I have to find a new balance. The ultimate goal is to merge this information into my very human life. For now the urge to return Home, is even greater than before. I can place and integrate everything I have seen in my akashic records, this however seems impossible to understand for my human brain right now. Being painfully present in this limiting reality, whilst being bombarded with angelic memories, unprecedented by anything I’ve ever remembered before.

If hell existed then this is it.. remembering who or what I really was/am, whilst being here on earth in a never ending cycle of drama that I didn’t choose for. Or so it may seem to my limited human rational mind. Ever since discovering my Seraphim blueprint, origin.. I’ve been living even more so than before, with one foot on earth and another in the angelic realm. Since childhood this has been my own personal hell, and it’s only since 2017 that I learned how to somewhat merge my angelic life with my earth life. I know that even though this knowledge seems insurmountable right now, eventually I will learn how to live with it, function.. and I also realize that I am given a lot of work here, a lot of karma to clear for myself and my bloodline and many other people in the collective, because I am able to carry it… I’m able to help restore heaven on earth. By doing my part here, as a human.

And I am sharing this text, so you can find your own way in this human life and help restore heaven on earth. For days the Seraphim have come through and been telling me “just look at how close we are, instead of how far”. They’ve been showering me with golden light to support the integration of this knowledge into my body.

The moment it fully hit me, that I was an incarnated Seraphim angel, was coincidentally the moment that my other half was doing deep inner work in nature on his own, where he integrated and accepted an important part of who he is. It is that night that Auriël, previously called Aurelius, my dragon guide, showed me everything, I was shown the entire creation story of Me, from my point of view. I was shown that, which I’d always felt I’d been unworthy to witness.. I was shown who I truly was, what I truly was, AM.. And ever since then Auriël has been by my side guarding me day and night. Making sure I function, that I am literally not going to just shut down and malfunction this body, making sure I can fit all of this energy into my body. Working strongly with the ground that I walk on, so I quite literally don’t short circuit from all the memories and frequencies that are now flowing through me.. More and more incarnated Seraphim are waking up.. To the truth of their Being and their True Divine Mission.”

This was written right after the most intense part of the remembering-experience. 3 Quarters of a year have now passed, and the akashic part has now been integrated, archived, merged if you will, back into my Self.

It was an intense experience to remember, but it has catapulted me even more deeply into Service & Mission than ever before.

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