This is a sacred space for mainly mothers, but all parents are welcome, who are on a spiritual journey, a modern day priest(ess)/mystic/intuitive path, who want to fully embody their divine Self while being the best parent they can be. I opened up this space after I started writing my book titled “spiritual mothering” (a work in progress still).There are some online groups, and books that talk about spirituality and parenthood but they all focus very much on the children and how to raise them, my goal is to focus on the Mother/Parent, this doesn’t mean the physical Female, it means the innate nurturing parental figure, this doesn’t always have to be a physical mother/woman. first. Your wellbeing and development has a ripple effect on everyone around you, especially your children.

Topics that I touch on are:

– Embracing and integrating past life wounds where you were hurt or harmed for being intuitive and having spiritual knowledge, healing these wounds, and fully embodying your divine light in this lifetime so you can teach your children how to do the same. So many parents doubt their own abilities to BE a good parent and I am so passionate about changing this for new (or not so new) parents. We carry these wounds in our soul DNA.

– Respecting your children for who they are on a soul level and teaching them to be in touch with their Divine Self, this can be done by fully working on the embodiment of your own Divine Self.- Ancient Lemurians knew that they had an entire team of light to rely on, their own higher self, and intuition, they knew that they should rely on this knowledge instead of external sources, we carry all this wisdom and we have helpers beyond the veil. We can consciously call in our soul baby pre-conception. When we are pregnant, and we carry our soul baby in the womb we can consciously connect with our babies in the womb, through meditation, prayer and visualization. We can already establish a connection with our children before birth.

This was normal in ancient Lemurian times. Connecting to their spirit guides when they are babies, working together with their spirit guides and teaching them how to do this on their own as they grow up.

This is my invitation to spiritual parents who are ready to dive into this journey with me. We will be mentoring with ascended masters Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, we will work with their Essene wisdom, Lemurian star wisdom, and the Divine Feminine Sophia frequencies that are returning to the planet, to us, and how we live our lives as intuitive parents. 

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