As I embarked on my own twin flame journey, and dove into our soul contract, shared past life history, memories, soul mission. And as we worked through our own blocks and obstacles, and dove into past lives to see where it all originated.. I realized what a valuable asset it was to be able to read my own akashic records, and my twin flame’s records.. Because of this, I’ve been able to add a whole extra layer of understanding to our story, and we’ve been able to dive deeper into the connection, and clear and heal wounds and obstacles way faster.. which in my opinion truly sped up the path to union.

Some of the most well known twin flame couples throughout history are Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And ever since Lemurian and early Atlantean times twin flame couples have always worked together on a joint spiritual mission, right now twin flames are reconnecting again and finding each other again, but because we have lived through so many lower density lifetimes where we’ve encountered trauma, “soul PTSD” as I like to call it..we’ve put up walls which can form obstacles to reaching harmonious union, and therefor prolong our union and point of stepping into your mission work.

A twin flame/soul connections reading is very similar to a personal blueprint reading. The difference is that I don’t focus on your individual journey as much, but I truly focus on the contract between you and the other person. On the star system where it began, on the places and realities dimensions where you’ve shared history, on the mission that you have, on the obstacles that you may need to pay attention to. There is only one person who can with 100% certainty say that you are twin flames.. and that is you.. it sounds cliche, but it is the truth, when you meet your twin flame, there is no doubt, there is nothing else that even resembles this connection.

But we can also have contracts with very high level soulmates and they are also very valuable. Not everyone has their twin flame incarnate with them here in this reality and these people make extremely valuable contracts with high level sacred partners..

What this reading is not:

-me telling you if this is your twin flame with one 100% certainty..

-a traditional love reading…

-a reading happening without permission of both parties involved, or in other words “behind the other one’s back”…

What this reading is:

-me assisting you if you approach me stating that you feel in your heart that this person is a high level soul connection/twin flame and you’d like to learn more about the connection so that you can “peel away the layers of the onion” and really work on trauma, triggers, and breaking down walls…

-a reading where I work with both of your energies, as a unified energy, whether you are in separation or in union or anywhere in between…

The energetic exchange for this service is €111.

Exploring the soul connection and its history, mission and defining obstacles can be so valuable on your journey to union.

Another option is to book an intuitive coaching session with me. Where I can guide you on your way on your twin flame journey…

I can do either a video reading which will be a private YouTube link that I email you. Or a written pdf file. You can choose whatever is most comfortable for you to receive.

You can request your reading below, and I will e-mail you back within 24 hours to discuss all details. The wait between request and receiving your reading is about 2-3 weeks right now.