If you really have met your twin flame, you will feel the support of the Universe, no matter what difficulties you encounter.” — Katya Ki

Our Story

I still remember where I was sitting when I first received Nick‘s message on instagram. I was sitting on the couch in my living room, checking e-mails and such. I was balancing home life with a part time job and passionate about expanding my spiritual business. I was doing akashic records readings sporadically, and creating channeled art here and there. And I knew that it was what I wanted to do full time one day, a goal that seemed very far away at the time. And each time I received someone’s message, asking for a reading, I was excited, because my soul was able to serve someone. And so I received his message, saying that he got my contact information from a mutual friend who had received a reading from me and he was intrigued and wanted to learn more. He sent me a picture and his full name, for me to connect to his energy, and I remember opening the picture and staring at the face and it felt like I had seen this face before, and I felt very confused by this intense feeling or worry or “wanting to make sure this person is alright“, more than anything I felt a deep feeling of wanting to care for this person, and it caught me very off guard. Me wanting to stay professional and not understanding what was happening, I brushed it off and did his reading, and after an akashic records reading I will thank the higher self and the connection is closed, but this was not the case with Nick’s higher self…

He “lingered” and would pop in every now and then and this was frustrating to me at first, because I didn’t understand why this was happening. This akashic records reading shifted a lot for him energetically, and he was about to leave the country we were both living in at the time to go to Peru to start a new life, living in the jungle. He felt a strong pull to meet me before leaving, and invited me to come to a gathering at his house with a few other people, before he moved to the other side of the world. Sidenote; I did his reading completely remote, just using his picture and name so I had not seen him “in real life” yet at this point, even though we were living in the same country. I can not explain my reaction, other than to say that what I did was a typical twin flame runner tactic, which I was not aware of back then of course. I panicked when he invited me, and told him I wasn’t able to meet him and I tried to block him out of my thoughts. Not consciously realizing that what I was doing was trying to avoid union, when I knew he would be leaving the country anyway, what was the point of meeting.. I went on with my life, with my spiritual work, with my family, with my kids, with my job..

And then about 2 months later I got another message from him, sent from the airport in Lima/Peru. Thanking me again for the akashic records reading, feeling compelled to contact me to let me know he was on the way to Peru.. Once he arrived there, he sent me a handful of picture of himself, there, in the jungle, his spiritual home.

And I felt a strange sense of relief. “Thank God, he made it there, he’s home” and again it caught me off guard, why was I feeling so compassionate to this person who was in fact a total stranger to me? Again I brushed it off and continued with my life. But a few weeks passed, and suddenly his higher self started to come into my awareness again, popping in and out, and his energetic blueprint which I was familiar with by then would pop in and out again and I had this feeling that I would be hearing from him again very soon. Little did I know that this was the telepathic merging process that was taking place.

And I started having these strange sensations of his consciousness being “around me”. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and there he was again, contacting me, explaining that he wanted to look deeper into his akashic records, feeling like there was more to be uncovered, so I gave him another deeper reading. And for days leading up to the reading I had this very anxious feeling, like this was going to change things somehow, and uncover why his higher self had been “lingering” and why he was “popping in and out”. I thought I was losing my mind to be honest. I couldn’t explain why I had these anxious feelings.

And so I did the reading and this time I was shown a whole lot more. Divine timing is everything, and afterwards I often asked spirit why I was not shown everything when I did his very first reading.. It was not time yet, is what I was told.

I saw multiple lifetimes where we were together, and was in deep conversation with my guidance team about whether I should share this information with him or not. And decided that it was not up to me to keep this information from him. That was not something I got to decide on. So I shared most of it with him. He read everything, and it deeply resonated with him. He had been feeling too that we were connected on a deeper level that he was unable to understand. And ever since then we kept on talking online, the pull was too strong. Both being very devoted however to the lifestyle that we had chosen, not having any romantic intentions whatsoever.

But there was this unexplainable bond that neither of us could describe with words, an unconditional respect and trust and love in the sense of wanting the other one to do good in life, to be happy.. We were curious and wanted to dive in deeper and find out “what” this connection was exactly. I was not at all even considering the fact that we may be twin flames. This wasn’t even occurring to me at the time. I was still living with my ex partner, focused on my job, my spiritual work, and he was focused on his new life in the jungle. But we found a deep sense of comfort in our conversations and unconditional support. Whatever I would undertake, expand on in my spiritual business, he would quickly become my biggest supporter, and I his. And then I decided to go back to “the connection” and asked his permission to dive into the akashic records and view the actual soul contract between us. And up until that point I had never specifically asked.. I had only requested to view HIS records. I had never asked to be shown “OUR” connection, and the origin.

By asking this specific question I opened the floodgates and I was shown a chronological film of “our soul’s history”. I was clairvoyantly shown a movie so to speak, with the first scene being Source energy and us emerging from Source and splitting up and saying goodbye to each other. I saw some of the shared lifetimes again that I was shown when doing his reading, but I saw more of my part in them.. And then there was the Atlantis lifetime. I was catapulted back into a lifetime where “the original separation” took place. Every twin flame couple has an original separation story, on planet earth. For many this is Atlantis.. The frequency started to drop and we were entering a descension cycle, chaos emerged, wars erupted, natural disasters etc..

I was re-living that lifetime all over again, feeling all the emotions, feeling the depth of the connection, being slammed in the face with it. And then I saw the words “Hieros Gamos” spelled out in front of me, in bold neon letters. Spirit does this when they really want me to understand something and want to shock me into seeing something. The last time that had happened was a few years earlier when in bold letters I was shown “my name is Brionne” when my past/parallel life aspect living as a druid with the Picts in Britain in the 4th century introduced herself to me in quite an extroverted way. And suddenly within seconds, I understood everything about our connection. I shared my experience with him, leaving out the twin flame bits.. leaving breadcrumbs for him by describing what I saw in the akashic records, carefully dancing around the twin flame stuff. I did not want to bombard him with this information and it was very important to me that I not influence his individual journey. This mattered more to me than the need for him to know that we are twin flames. We talked on a daily basis, and our connection grew stronger, telepathy grew stronger, sensing each other’s moods grew stronger. And on his end, the need for clarity also grew stronger.. And he decided to go on a “dieta” in the jungle in Peru.

In simple terms, a dieta is a contract made between a student and a particular plant spirit.  The terms of the contract are decided and agreed upon prior to the dieta taking place, and often times the motivation to do a dieta comes at the request or suggestion of the plant spirit, but can also be decided by the person. I felt compelled to finally share the last remaining puzzle pieces with him. And told him that we are twinflames. Everything clicked and fell into place for him.. it all made sense now. For him this was a big relief, to finally understand this connection. He also immediately understood the mission that we had together as twin flames. And so he went into isolation, and started his dieta… He was working with plants in the Peruvian jungle, and I was in Belgium also experiencing the effects of it. His work in the jungle was also having cleansing and healing effects on me. Again confirmation that this connection truly goes very deep. After his dieta that lasted about a month, it was clear that we needed to find a way to be together. forward.. and he came back to forward and we are traveling now, living and working first in Mallorca, and now in Spain.


After connecting to my own twin flame it became clear that we had a mission together. We were supposed to guide and mentor other sacred union couples, twin flames, soulmates that had a clear mission together, and everyone willing to consciously work at their connection with their beloved. A lot of these couples go through a long process of teaching and learning, of separation too sometimes.. Our souls decided to go through a very intense time at a very rapid pace.. In under 6 months after reuniting we went through multiple moves, including a few international ones, lots of having to release people and situations on both sides, working through money blocks, ancestral blocks being lifted, communication blocks being lifted, karmic contracts with third parties being revoked… And most importantly lots of past life trauma being lifted.. All of this while traveling together, the 3 of us, myself, Nick, and my daughter Nora.

We were however dedicated to sticking together, realizing that this is about something bigger, and that the only way through, is together. Knowing that if we want to become the best versions of ourselves, it is when we can work together, live together, and assist each other in removing blocks, healing and communicating. We had energy readings with a few trusted friends, who confirmed what we already knew deep inside, we chose on a soul level to go through an intense phase together, so that from this space, we can assist others based on our own experience, and that part of our spiritual mission is to anchor in a new paradigm for love, and harmonious unions, to be an example for others..

For a long time I did not want to be “the twin flame lady”, and Nick was fine focusing on his healing work and plant medicine work, he was not looking to be “the twin flame guy” either. But the more we went ahead on this path, the louder the voice of Spirit got, and we realized that if anyone can assist others on their twin flame journey, it would be us. And right now, we are dedicated to assisting you on your twin flame journey, whether in separation, in union or anywhere in between.

What is sacred union mentorship with us like?

We are both very clairsentient and empathic, we can tune into what you’re going through, what you’re experiencing, and we are dedicated to assist you in having a harmonious connection to your other half, but it all start with inner union..

What we offer is a month of mentorship including:

  • 4 live video calls with us, 1 per week, either for you alone, or for you and your beloved together
  • we send you “homework” after each session
  • you can e-mail us in between sessions with any questions you may have, there are no silly questions!
  • a listening ear (actually 4)
  • personalized guidance and advice for you on your journey
  • AND we start the month off with an in depth 12 month energy forecast reading

If you would like to test the waters so to speak, and see if we would be a good match, schedule a single intake session here.

You can also get the energy reading that’s included in the mentorship as a separate service right here

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2 options:

1 month of sacred union mentorship which comes with:

  • 4 live video calls + email access/response within 24 hours on weekdays
  • a recap/homework e-mail in your inbox after each video call
  • personalized affirmations & 8D sound healing meditations

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2 months of sacred union mentorship which comes with:

  • 8 live video calls + email access/response within 24 hours on weekdays
  • a recap/homework e-mail in your inbox after each video call
  • personalized affirmations & 8D sound healing meditations

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