Gratitude is the key in using the Law Of Attraction!


I apparently started this post a month and a half ago! Life has been hectic… I saved it as a draft and never finished it.

But the picture says it all: gratitude and knowing that you already have it.

If you think it, it is in your vortex,
if it is in your vortex, the universe has it in store for you,
if the universe has it in store for you, you only have but to remove your own limits and take what is in your vortex by aligning with source,
aligning with source will allow you to align with what is inside your vortex,
and aligning with what is in your vortex means getting what you want. 

In my case it was a bicycle. It might not seem like a big deal, but to me it was. Because it was just another example of how focusing on abundance and gratitude and de-focusing on lack and the absence of something actually caused the item that I wanted to manifest to appear in my reality. It had always been right there, in my vortex. I just had to remove the limits and the “lack of” thought pattern and once I did that the bike just popped up out of nowhere almost!

I’d been wanting to buy an electric bike for a while now. But a good one is rather expensive. I even went to the bank for a loan, they turned me down which caused me to focus on the “lack of”…for a second! I caught myself and realized that by doing that I was no longer in alignment and was focusing on what I didn’t have.. which would only bring more of what I didn’t have. I had started to resent my old bike. And realized I had to start living in gratitude again. I completely let go of the new bike idea and just focused on gratitude, each time I would ride the bike I would offer it gratitude, I would think of things that I liked about the bike, things that it did really well for me, things that I had enjoyed about the bike. I made a habit out of this. And each time I rode the bike I would do this… until after a while I forgot about the whole lack-feeling of not having a new and better bike. And I was just..content, it was ok, sure it wasn’t my dream bike but it was ok, I liked it, I started liking my new habit of being nice to my bike. And within a week of starting this new habit. I was on facebook, just absentmindedly scrolling, and this ad popped up for an e-bike. I clicked on it.. and ended up on facebook marketplace and saw a bike there that was completely within my price range, used, but in very good condition, and I ended up buying it, being perfectly able to afford it, without needing a loan from the bank. And it does the job perfectly! So the trick is to attract things to you but to not focus too much on it either.. it’s in that perfect balance of attracting it in gratitude and aligning with joy in the now that you can attract something better.

And that’s how I ended up attracting my new bike!

Nobody explains the concept of using gratitude to manifest what you want better than Abraham/Esther Hicks:

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