I started channeling my spirit guides and angelic beings through automatic writing when I was a teenager, after my mother, who is an energy healer/angel communicator herself introduced me to it. I dove head first into metaphysics and mysticism. From age 12 till 18 I went to an art academy which laid the foundation for what I do now, combining art with channeling multidimensional information.

Then I stepped away from arts and “anything psychic”, and got a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. I traveled and worked in a few different countries over the world, got married, split up, had kids, and in the midst of all that I had my spiritual re-awakening a few years later, with all my intuitive gifts coming back online, stronger than ever before.

I started having spontaneous experiences where I would see multiple layers of reality placed on top of each other, multiple timelines and stories of the soul play out parallel and as one. I saw the connections to this current lifetime, I saw the patterns and the reason for certain things and the way they played out. This is when I developed my own way of accessing and working with the akashic records, cosmic consciousness and past lives. Which later also resulted in recognizing the patterns in this current lifetime in order to lift blocks and heal trauma or “soul PTSD”, individually and also in union with Nick.

I can write so much more about myself, the best way to get to know me is to work with me directly. or to go and check out the various podcast episodes and youtube videos/instagram lives that I have done in the past and continue to do here and there.