My name “Debra_Lemaire”

Debra – coming from Deborah – Hebrew for “honeybee” – symbol for the priestess, mystic, spiritual mentor

Lemaire – Lemuria

My name “priestess of Lemuria”

I’m 34 years old and have been intuitive all my life. Although as a child I wasn’t aware that what I was feeling wasn’t always mine, or what I was seeing wasn’t visible to everyone. I’ve always had a fascination with mysticism for as long as I can remember. As a child I read books about paganism and fairies and otherworldly phenomena. I started channeling my spirit guides through automatic writing when I was a teenager, after my mother, who is an energy healer/angel communicator herself introduced me to it. I dove head first into metaphysics and mysticism. From age 12 till 18 I went to an art academy which laid the foundation for what I do now, combining art with intuitive insight.

Then I stepped away from my true nature for a while, trying to “be like everybody else” and fit in. I stepped away from arts and “anything psychic”, and got a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. I traveled and worked in Bahrain in the Middle East as a teacher for a while, moved to Arizona in the US and lived there, had my first baby, and then I had my spiritual re-awakening a few years later, with all my intuitive gifts coming back online, stronger than ever before.


I started having spontaneous multidimensional experiences, this is when I developed my own way of accessing and working with the akashic records, cosmic consciousness and past lives.

After deep diving with several skilled spiritual mentors who assisted me in fine tuning my gifts, re-activating past life codes and memories, working closely with the archangels, learning more about how to recognize the different galactic energy signatures, and read galactic akashic records alongside earth records, it was time for me to step into being of service myself.. I moved back to Belgium and knew that I couldn’t ever go back to the old version of me that lived here a decade ago.

And with memories and codes activated of Lemuria, Atlantis, Christ-Essene teachings, ancient European druid & pagan teachings, I am now assisting other human beings, in activating their intuition and akashic remembrance of who they are on a soul level, and what they came here to do, who they came here to be, in this lifetime of ascension.

Image by Miroslava Casiano – The Metaphysical Chick©️

In my work, I combine my visual arts & color studies, and my teaching degree, with my initiation into the blue & violet rays of archangel Michael and the ascended master St. Germain, and the Lemurian-rose frequencies of the Christ/Magdalene consciousness. If you are feeling the call to work with me, it is so I may activate these frequencies within you.

We are now headed full force towards ascension, if you are reading this, YOU are headed full force towards ascension. Ready to activate your telephone line to source? Ready to activate your memories of sacred water and crystal technology, ancient galactic knowledge about the workings of the universe and the multidimensional nature of who you are? This is what I am being called to bring forth within you, if you dive in with me.. we will be unearthing all of your soul-knowledge, I can’t wait to assist you on your journey…