The balancing act between going in and out of the vortex.

I took this picture while spending time in the forest today,

vlieg averegten_kleinflies can be annoying but actually carry an important message as spirit animals. They refocus us on the shadow aspects of our lives, the things we don’t want to see. They annoy us by buzzing around us but force us to deal with the stuff we don’t want to deal with. Such as our fear that we collectively carry within us, those moments where we don’t remember that we create our own realities.  “I surrender and I receive” is one of the mantras I often repeat to myself when trying to implement the laws of the universe onto my life. A quote my mentor Beth Katherine likes to use too. 

Anyone studying the Law Of Attraction, otherwise known as the LOA knows that fear is the enemy in this process. Unfortunately even the most motivated, high vibe, “in the vortex” as Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks often calls it, sometimes have a moment of doubt. Years and years of conditioning strikes sometimes and I had one of those days myself yesterday. Under pressure to find a more steady income, but not wanting to surrender in authenticity and fall back into the matrix of working a job that I end up hating.. I panicked. Envisioning myself briefly in a reality that I did not like, thinking that there was no other reality for me. I snapped out of it today and reminded myself that I create my own reality and choose which reality I feed and want to manifest. Is the fear still there? A little bit.. Is it taking over my entire thought process? No. I’m choosing to be a conscious creator of my own reality and am therefore choosing to focus on a reality that aligns with anything that I enjoy doing when I find myself inside the vortex, in alignment with source, on my soul path.

It’s OK to sometimes not know the details. Surrender and receive whatever the universe has in store for you.

This video below is a great one to practice getting into the receiving mode in order to be aligned with what source wants to offer you.

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