444 – The angels are with you!

Let’s talk about number synchonicity!
It usually starts with 11:11 and/or 1:11. Those are usually the first ones people notice, sometimes it goes on for a few weeks, sometimes for a few years before others join in. With me because I started really focusing on working with archangels I started seeing 44 and 444 every day, multiple times, some days more than others. It’s called number synchronicity and it really does work like synchronicity in the way that it’ll usually pop up out of nowhere when something was on my mind that I needed a divine answer to, and there it is “444” basically like a tap on the shoulder or a nod saying yes from the angels saying “it’s all good, you’re on the right track”
After 4’s the 3’s started (generally they stand for ascended masters and manifestation), 2’s which also stand for being mindful of your thoughts and law of attraction, 5’s for transformation and positive change. These have been shown to me steadily over the course of a year now, either on the clock, randomly in public, on receipts from the store, random house numbers that pull my gaze, random license plate number combinations, just complete synchronicity when you least expect it and when you least try to see them. Then there are the twin numbers like 12:12, 11:11, 10:10, 13:13 (for those who follow the 24hr system and not AM/PM), 15:15. But then there are the mirror numbers, that’s where it gets fun.. 13:31, 14:41, 15:51, 10:01, 12:21, 23:32. After a while it starts to catch your attention and you start researching, this is no longer a coincidence. Especially because it almost seems like a cosmic joke because the timing of these numbers is often comical, this is no longer a coincidence.

And after years of this you don’t question it anymore, you exhale and know that it’s source using human mathematics and formulas to send you energy that your soul is able to comprehend on a 3D level and translate to your human brain as messages.

Especially on days like today, I have been sick twice now in less than a month time. Yet today more than on other days I keep seeing 44 and 444. Almost every hour entirely unintentional. Be open to the signs and you will receive them! I have felt out of alignment from being sick, but source is there for support, as usual, with number-messages to remind us that even when we aren’t sure and doubting what we are even doing, we’re on our soul path and exactly where we are supposed to be at this point in (linear) time in this human experience of our multidimensional being which is source energy.

For an entire index of “angel numbers” this is the place to be by the way: Joanne Walmsley’s sacred scribes

Abraham-Hicks calls it “an indication of alignment” in this video below.
Do you experience number synchronicity? What numbers are often shown to you and what meaning to they have for you?

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