Tree transmission: Be yourself, wherever you may find yourself.

I met a tree today and his name was Edgar.  He was the guardian tree of the flank of the hill. It’s a hill full of trees, with on one side a playground, he was right next to the playground. He seemed kind of out of place, too majestic and tall and wide and strong..
He deserved to be somewhere higher on top of the hill, or further away from the playground..
edgarHe allowed me in his field and we had an energy exchange.
I was held by his vibration and allowed to hear his thoughts and feel his feelings.
His message was:

“It doesn’t matter where you are, what your surroundings are. Because you are still you, it doesn’t matter where you find yourself. It does not take away from your being, it does not take away from your sovereignty. It does not take away from your energy. Be who you are, regardless of where you are”

Even though he was right there, next to a big playground, he was majestic and his energy was profound and left a deep impression. He channeled forth a deep Mother Gaia vibration that I have not felt even from trees in the forest that are surrounded with nothing but nature.. this “playground tree” held more of The Mother’s deep primal frequency than did any of the trees I’ve met in “the real” forest lately.

It was a beautiful exchange and a reminder for myself to be myself wherever I may find myself, because your true nature will always matter your surroundings.

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