why I said no to my dream job + surrendering to source and trusting the unknown

Once upon a time I was an art student and I studied art for 4 years. Art is what pulled me through adolescence and it was my way of dealing with the world. I graduated with a high school diploma in visual arts and the logical next step was to further art studies, I decided to study art history in college but gave up after a year and dove into my other passion, children, and I eventually ended up becoming an early childhood educator, working with kids in 3 different countries in schools and in a private setting. I’ve always has a soft spot for alternative school systems and Montessori type education. After lots of ups and downs and moving and traveling between Europe and the U.S. I ended up in Belgium again where I first started. I sent my own child to a school that was once on my list of dream schools to teach at, if I was ever gonna teach again it was gonna be there I told myself.
I had already stopped teaching years ago, life’s synchronicities started throwing arts & crafts at me again and I somehow rolled back into creating art. Fueled by the kundalini awakening I had experienced a few years ago, I now call myself an “intuitive artist”, I create spiritually inspired art, channeled art, I draw and paint energetic messengers so to speak, and am a channel for clients for their supporting energies to come through and deliver a message. And I create fiber-art infused with energetic frequencies. So when I caught wind of the news that my daughter’s school was looking for a new teacher for next year, initially I was super excited and saw this as my opportunity to work with children again.

This was several months ago and as the months passed… I kept on surrendering to source and trusting it, I have found myself offering more art, drawing more, creating more, channeling more, assisting people in their search for alignment with source, and finding myself utterly exstatic with the results of where this path is leading me, getting incredible feedback, feeling like for the first time I am really serving in the way I was supposed to. So in the back of my head I was wondering.. if I go down the road of teaching again.. is it in alignment with where I am supposed to go? And the intuitive answer was a clear “no”.

I’m going to work with children again. But in a different setting. Teaching and becoming a teacher has offered me the perfect foundation for a project that I am soon to introduce. I am still passionate about child education. But I can not not be truthful to who I am. Soon I will be offering a webinar geared towards moms (or dads) who want to raise their children in a spiritually awakened way. How to combine spirituality and develop oneself while being a good parent? How to teach your children about being in alignment with source and true to themselves and how to set an example and work on being an aligned parent and raise your children in such a way that they will become the new-earth citizens that our Gaia needs? That is something I will be talking about more in the future so stay tuned. That in combination with my art, is for now the path that source is putting me on. So even though I had to say no to what once was my absolute dream job, working in my dream school, as a teacher. I knew intuitively that it would make way for something even better for me personally. And after all, as lightworkers we are here to serve, and we have to trust the path and fully surrender to know that we will be led exactly to where we need to be.

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Highly sensitive people,empaths, clairsentients, are they the same & how to practice energetic hygiene? – PART 2

On to some practical tips and tricks now on how to practice energetic hygiene!

If you go to part 1 of this article, you’ll find some explanation about who should pay extra attention to this and why. I got a lot of responses from different people and everyone has their own way that works best for them when it comes to balancing themselves out again and cleansing their energetic field. I personally love Steve Nobel’s energy release meditation. Works every single time for me.

Below I’ll quote some of the responses I received from people:

“I ask the angels to put protection around me before I woke up the next day”

“Yoga, meditation and running in nature …be a nutcase without those things.”
“Walking in nature or laying down, doing Reiki and listening to nature sounds or soft music.”
“kundalini yoga, meditation, nature time, ocean swims, puppy snuggles, nourishing foods + tea”
“dance class!”
“Connecting with the trees recharges, centers and balances my energy system so well! Just a short forest bathe does wonders for my field!”
“I love being in nature, connecting with all the elements, walking barefoot, putting my back against a tree, and feeling the energies from flowers and herbs.”
“communing with animals is a most wonderful and mystic connection for me. All help me to reach a higher place and feel good again.”
boom averegten_watermarkIt seems like a good grounding practice is something that we can all agree on, is a good way to cleanse your field and charge up on new energy! It can be handling animals or being around them, being in nature, with trees, in the forest, in the water, by water… Using your body to ground to bring your essence completely into your body and put your focus there in the moment is equally a great way to ground and recharge, such as yoga, dancing, running, etc.
And then my number one tip for anyone who is highly sensitive is to start a meditation practice if you haven’t already. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy or long. If every day, you take 10 to 15 minutes of your day to sit down and do a guided meditation such as the quick energy release one I posted above, then you’ll feel a big difference long term. With meditation the more you’re able to do it, the more result you’ll get of course. But we don’t all have the time to sit down and go deep in meditation each day for an hour. But if you are able to take 15 minutes a day to tune in and touch base with source, it will make a big difference to your field.
An actual physical bath is also a great way to cleanse your energy. Epsom salt baths or a few drops of essential oils such as tea tree oil or lavender oil are a wonderful way to recharge and release heavy energies. Literally see them go down the drain with the bathwater.
Another good one is psychic protection. And I don’t mean from a victim or weak point of view. But from an empowered point of view, knowing that you are source energy and a multidimensional being and that you are perfectly capable of calling more of that same energy towards you to fortify your field. Just reminding yourself every day that you are able to handle all the energies and that in reality you can perfectly channel and cleanse yourself just by pure intention. Put that intention into it and call upon your angels for healing energy. Or as someone suggested too, envision a bubble of light around yourself. Go with whatever color intuitively comes to you. White light is all-around protection and high vibration, golden light too. Blue light is linked to archangel Michael especially when you are feeling unsafe or need extra courage or strength. picsart_06-20-05-55-51A good quote to repeat is the following “please clear, release, delete, transmute this across all time, dimension, space, reality now” this quote was given to me by my mentor Beth Katherine, when I took her 4 month deep dive course on working with the blue ray frequency & archangel Michael.
But I could write an entire article on archangels alone so I best leave it at that! More about that later!
So, energetic hygiene! Why is it important? Especially for us energy workers who provide intuitive/energetic healing services for people it’s important that we are able to channel the purest and highest form of light from source energy, that we fine tune ourselves at all times and take care of our bodies, our physical body but also our mental and energy bodies. It’s a responsibility we carry towards the people we serve and towards ourselves so that we know that we are conveying higher truth and high vibrational messages. If there is a blockage somewhere it means that that energy cannot flow properly and a message might become distorted. And we simply feel better too, better in our mind, better in our bodies, and better spiritually.

Highly sensitive people,empaths, clairsentients, are they the same & how to practice energetic hygiene? – PART 1

Highly sensitive people, empaths, clairsentient people, all names for the same type of people I feel, just looked at from a different perspective.

Highly sensitive people is the term Dr. Elaine Aron came up with based on fMRI scans and scientific research. Being a doctor in Psychology, she went about it a scientific way, and still managed to form a bridge between the world of sensitivity and empathy and science. And it is a great foundation for explaining what goes on in people “like us” on a 3 dimensional level, a level that most people can grasp, because the research is there, it’s on paper, proven with fMRI scanners, undeniable. It’s proven that we’re “wired differently”.

DSC_1091 watermark

Then there is also the spiritual side of the story. But that’s where we move on from the wonderful Dr. Elaine Aron to people who have been living the highly sensitive life, the now-grown-up indigo children who were kids in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s like Candace Van Dell, Victor Oddo, Aaron Doughty and many more, who came in with all these senses wide open and filters non-existent, taking everything in and feeling everything they shouldn’t be feeling, not according to what was the norm anyway. These people have all discovered the link between HSP and being an empath or being awakened to extra-sensory abilities. Empathy is like a scale, there is a range of normal on that scale and both HSP and non-HSPs can vary on that scale, although most highly sensitive people will score rather high on the empathy scale, the further the scale tips, the more empathic you are and you may very well fall out of the “normal” range and be extra-empathic.

Dr. Elaine Aron’s research covers how the highly sensitive brain absorbs way more impressions and stimuli than that of a non HSP. But some things can not be explained by measurable brain capacity alone. There are other senses that are connected to the energetic body that are invisible to fMRI scanners and those are the senses that I am talking about. And that’s where I bring in clairsentience and empathy. There are a few different “clairs”. The most famous one is clairvoyance, there’s clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. There are a few others that I’m not mentioning but these are the ones most people have already heard of.


I would be surprised to find any psychic person say that they are not highly sensitive. Because I feel that to be psychic, your ultra fine tuned energy body has to work through a more-than-normal fine tuned body-vessel. So I believe that to be psychic, you probably also have to be a highly sensitive person, your brain cooperates with your energy body and therefor needs to be able to accommodate the clairsentient energy body. I’m not saying that highly sensitive people are only clairsentient. But I do think that, whether they’re aware of it or not, that clairsentience which is basically a fancier name for empathy that scores outside of the normal-scale, is the foundation of their inner knowing. Many highly sensitive people will also have abilities that link up to their field of interest. If you are a very visual person, a painter for instance, you will probably be more able to develop a natural clairvoyance, if you are very sensitive to music or sound, you will very easily be able to develop clairaudient skills.

Anyway, that was a long intro to get to what I was getting at.. with all these extra impressions and information to process, how do you cope? How do you keep up without collapsing? This is a question that a lot of psychic/empathic/highly sensitive people have already asked themselves. I could ramble on about “energetic hygiene” for a little while longer but wanted to divide it up into 2 parts and would like to have your input too. What are your energetic hygiene practices? If you’re susceptible to picking up people’s energies, energies of your surroundings, live without a filter. How do you recharge your batteries and practice energetic hygiene? Let me know on facebook/instagram/or simply comment below!





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Laziness or self love?

Conditioning is a very cultural thing. It’s also a very egoic thing. What may seem like completely normal behavior in one culture, might seem totally inappropriate in another. In tribal communities, people live in the moment, from day to day, in the now. They they take their time, for there is only that one moment where the focus lies. They enjoy it, they don’t rush their activities, they They are happy.


Then there is Western Europe and the United States where people are very future oriented, achievement focused. The now is non-existent and there is a rush to get to later.. to achieve that thing you want so much.. happiness, you’ll get it sometime tomorrow, next week, next month.. if only you had this or that or this you’d be happy. So the experience of living in the now, is totally nonexistent.

Abraham-hicks phrases it brilliantly:


Taking your time for something, to be in the moment. Is something that I myself had trouble understanding for a long time, and sometimes still find myself in the process of perfecting. Seeking enjoyment in the activity that’s happening in the now-moment can bring you the happiness you seek in the future because there is only the now basically. Hence the title, what might seem like laziness to one person, is actually the highest form of self love to another, and vice versa!

The video below is perfect if you want to dive into this topic!

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Dis-ease as a messenger, ticks and other animals and their spiritual significance.

Dis-ease as a messenger.

In Eastern cultures disease is often looked upon differently than in the West. Here, symptoms are treated and that’s it. Victim mentality is prevalent and medication is given. In spiritual and esoteric circles however dis-ease is often looked upon a little different. Especially in the framework of ascension, many ailments or illnesses are looked at as ascension symptoms, or your body communicating something to you. Everything is one holistic experience. When you get the flu it is because your body vessel was open to receiving it through a low immune system, which is linked to your energy body allowing this to happen for reasons that are sometimes not even clear to us at the time, but often later become very clear. For those of us who are aware of their spiritual ascension journey, we know that when illness strikes, we have to look beyond what is visible to the eye. We might have the flu and a fever, but often it is a clearing and purging and cleansing of something on a higher, energetic level. Prominent speakers in esoterica speak of this, such as renowned hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon, channeler of the Abraham collective Esther Hicks, and many more. Abraham-Hicks really wants us to put the focus on well-being, and I can absolutely align with that theory. When sick, focus on well-being, focus on the lesson, focus on what needs to be changed in order for the illness to disappear. Because she says it so much better than I ever could.

“Sickness Is Not Because Cells Turned Bad. Sickness Is Because Cells Are Not Being Allowed Full Energy Response.
Everything is vibrational. The cells of your body are vibrational. You are an electronic being. Your wellness is about the transfer of Energy, (not different from electricity) from Universal Source to you on a cellular basis. You have many Energy points within your body. Sickness is not because cells have turned bad. Sickness is because cells are not being allowed the fullness of the Energy response. It’s sort of like an electrical short.
Mending a physical body is the simplest thing in the Universe, because the cells are eager to transmit and receive. Universal Energy, or God Force, is eager to transmit and receive. And if the consciousness involved, which is the personality that you know as you, is in an open and receiving way, then those responses can be restored in the moment — in this moment!
People tend to think that illnesses are progressive: Something goes wrong, and then the sickness just becomes more and more and more. That is not what is happening. What is happening is: the sickness calls attention to something that causes more contradiction or more resistance in the frequency. It is just in the moment.
You could be diagnosed with every deadly disease known to man — but you could be lying in your bed in a state of utter allowance, and allow the Energy of Source to flow through to the cells of your body — and you would have an instant healing! It is not about the body needing to rebuild. It’s about opening the vibrational circuits. That is all that it is.
“Everyone who is in need or desire of healing is already summoning all that is necessary from Source. They’re already asking and Source is already answering. So that stream has already been established. But if you see evidence that they are not recovering, it means something that is going on with them is blocking the recovery. The cells know what to do, the cells are asking, and Source is answering, and so there must be some reason that the request and the solution are not accomplishing the result that you’re wanting. And the answer is always the same: There is something going on in the thinking process that is vibrationally disallowing the cells from receiving the solution that they’re seeking.
None of us need to channel a stronger stream of energy. That would only make matters worse. Our work is in finding the words or finding the example of life that causes the person to offer less resistance than they were before. To make them a little more hopeful, a little more believing, a little more focused in what they want, a little less focused in what they don’t want. That is what a healer does, a healer influences wellness. And you cannot influence wellness by looking at illness. That’s why doctors have made such a hard path for themselves. They go looking for trouble and they keep finding it. And when you are focused upon that, you can’t find the solution. That is the problem with most healing, emphasis on what needs to be healed.
Well-being is downstream, healing is upstream, because healing is looking right at what needs to be healed and trying to push it away. Where wellness is ignoring what needs to be healed and flowing with the recovery that you are asking for, finding the feeling place of it. So the most powerful healer is the one who can visualize the wellness in the strongest of ways, and therefore convey vibrationally and verbally and in every other way your belief in the wellness. That is the power of a healer.”
– Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – Holistic Healing)

It takes a holistic and broader approach to look at illness as a positive thing. As a message or shift that’s being brought to your attention. But I guarantee you that if you look at it that way your recovery will be so much more swiftly and instantly!

Ticks and other animals and their spiritual significance.

I got bit by a tick a few weeks ago, and started showing Lyme symptoms about 2 weeks ago. I could have gone about this two ways. I could have said “I have Lyme’s disease” and gone into the part of Lyme victim. Which I am not saying is in any way inferior, or a wrong choice, everyone makes their life choices based on their own experience and life-plan. But I chose not to align with this and instead decided to align with well being. I communicated with my cells and with my higher self and team of light, trying to decipher “what is the lesson in this”? Illnesses are here to show us something, to bring something to our attention. Once the lesson is learned these illnesses will go away on their own. Unfortunately many people do not see it that way. Old shamans and druids and Native Americans and Asian herbal medicine often still do. Put the focus on well being, put the focus on shifting what needs to be shifted, go inward with it and learn and put self-care first. Are you out of alignment? Are you going over your limit? Are you overwhelmed? Are there things that you are holding on to that are really not serving you? In my case that was a big yes to all of these. And that’s when somewhere in my energy body I allowed myself to align with the symptoms of Lyme’s disease. Be mindful of how I phrased this. I am not saying no to Western medicine entirely. In this world we should really find a way to combine the miracles that Western medicine has accomplished and the diseases that it has been able to contain or eradicate and people it has helped, with the more holistic esoteric view, because otherwise what is the lesson learned on an energy level?

Now being the spirit-animal person that I am, I look for signs in animal presence all the time. So needless to say I immediately went to look up the spiritual significance of the tick, which was this It is possible that you have too many expectations of yourself. Rome was not built in a day so the message means to back off some of your projects and focus on the essentials for the moment. Once those are done then you can start to re introduce all of your plans at a rate that you can handle.” And I can absolutely relate with that. Self-care above anything else.

I came from daily meditation, affirmations and gratitude lists and fully trusting source, to chaos these last couple of months. I’ve moved across the world and this tick slapped some sense into me for sure. I needed to get back to a routine of energetic and physical self-care. Sure I am taking a course of antibiotics too. Lyme’s disease is not something to be messing around with. But it’s more than just taking some pills and being done with it. It’s about simultaneously taking care of the energetic components too. This is something that Calista, who you’ve seen mentioned on this blog before, explains very well in this video below where she talks about her Lyme’s disease and natural ways she dealt with it.

Natural remedies for a healthy immune system!

54411_1I’m also a big fan of natural remedies, a staple in my oil closet is tea tree oil. Which is a great natural antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial oil to use. I’m exceptionally happy with the NOW essential oils line.




bloem-vital-green-chlorella-vitaminen-200-stuks-8713549000029Chlorella which is an algea and contains more protein than an average portion of steak, more chlorophyll than kale and more iron than liver. Chlorella also binds to heavy metals, aiding the detoxification of the body. This brand is a higher quality, highly concentrated supplement which makes it perfect for those times when you are recovering from an illness!


7.jpgGoldenseal is also one of my favorites, a great immune booster. This however isn’t recommended for daily use. But when you feel a cold or something coming up, taking goldenseal for a few days in a row will kick your immune system into gear and assist in a quick healing!



Another super easy natural remedy to add to your daily routine is to drink a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in it. It’s been proven that ACV aids in absorbing more nutrients from your food. It also helps in balancing your body’s PH levels. Though acidic, ACV promotes an alkaline environment inside your body. This is due to how ACV is broken down and digested. Many viruses and bacteria are unable to live in an alkaline environment. When you don’t have enough alkaline, your body takes calcium in an attempt to become alkaline. This leeching of calcium can lead to loss of bone density and osteoporosis. These are just a few of the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Since we’re on the topic of herbal supplements and vitamins let’s continue on to the topic of HSP (highly sensitive people) and the evidence that’s come up that HSPs benefit from an extra dose of vitamin C and magnesium. Because our central nervous system works harder and absorbs more information on a daily basis, our bodies are more easily exhausted.

So when you find yourself getting sick, try to look beyond the symptoms, if you have had an encounter with an animal or bug, look it up and see if it resonates with your current life experience! You might be surprised with what the animal kingdom is trying to tell you.

Here is the full Abraham-Hicks video that talks about holistic healing!