Highly sensitive people,empaths, clairsentients, are they the same & how to practice energetic hygiene? – PART 1

Highly sensitive people, empaths, clairsentient people, all names for the same type of people I feel, just looked at from a different perspective.

Highly sensitive people is the term Dr. Elaine Aron came up with based on fMRI scans and scientific research. Being a doctor in Psychology, she went about it a scientific way, and still managed to form a bridge between the world of sensitivity and empathy and science. And it is a great foundation for explaining what goes on in people “like us” on a 3 dimensional level, a level that most people can grasp, because the research is there, it’s on paper, proven with fMRI scanners, undeniable. It’s proven that we’re “wired differently”.

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Then there is also the spiritual side of the story. But that’s where we move on from the wonderful Dr. Elaine Aron to people who have been living the highly sensitive life, the now-grown-up indigo children who were kids in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s like Candace Van Dell, Victor Oddo, Aaron Doughty and many more, who came in with all these senses wide open and filters non-existent, taking everything in and feeling everything they shouldn’t be feeling, not according to what was the norm anyway. These people have all discovered the link between HSP and being an empath or being awakened to extra-sensory abilities. Empathy is like a scale, there is a range of normal on that scale and both HSP and non-HSPs can vary on that scale, although most highly sensitive people will score rather high on the empathy scale, the further the scale tips, the more empathic you are and you may very well fall out of the “normal” range and be extra-empathic.

Dr. Elaine Aron’s research covers how the highly sensitive brain absorbs way more impressions and stimuli than that of a non HSP. But some things can not be explained by measurable brain capacity alone. There are other senses that are connected to the energetic body that are invisible to fMRI scanners and those are the senses that I am talking about. And that’s where I bring in clairsentience and empathy. There are a few different “clairs”. The most famous one is clairvoyance, there’s clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience. There are a few others that I’m not mentioning but these are the ones most people have already heard of.


I would be surprised to find any psychic person say that they are not highly sensitive. Because I feel that to be psychic, your ultra fine tuned energy body has to work through a more-than-normal fine tuned body-vessel. So I believe that to be psychic, you probably also have to be a highly sensitive person, your brain cooperates with your energy body and therefor needs to be able to accommodate the clairsentient energy body. I’m not saying that highly sensitive people are only clairsentient. But I do think that, whether they’re aware of it or not, that clairsentience which is basically a fancier name for empathy that scores outside of the normal-scale, is the foundation of their inner knowing. Many highly sensitive people will also have abilities that link up to their field of interest. If you are a very visual person, a painter for instance, you will probably be more able to develop a natural clairvoyance, if you are very sensitive to music or sound, you will very easily be able to develop clairaudient skills.

Anyway, that was a long intro to get to what I was getting at.. with all these extra impressions and information to process, how do you cope? How do you keep up without collapsing? This is a question that a lot of psychic/empathic/highly sensitive people have already asked themselves. I could ramble on about “energetic hygiene” for a little while longer but wanted to divide it up into 2 parts and would like to have your input too. What are your energetic hygiene practices? If you’re susceptible to picking up people’s energies, energies of your surroundings, live without a filter. How do you recharge your batteries and practice energetic hygiene? Let me know on facebook/instagram/or simply comment below!





8 thoughts on “Highly sensitive people,empaths, clairsentients, are they the same & how to practice energetic hygiene? – PART 1

  1. Hello. I was born in ’64. I do believe that I don’t necessarily qualify as an Indigo but more of an Indigo Adult, meaning that I didn’t check in with Indigo energies but developed them while here. As that goes, the further I went down my healing path, the more sensitive I got. Clairsentience was indeed my strongest clair, often showing itself through synchronicities. I definitely pick up on the energy of people and situations very quickly, then it may take a while for enough data points to reveal themselves to put the big picture together.

    I feel I’ve always been a bit sensitive and emphatic, but those got stronger over time. I’ve heard of many people “putting protection” around themselves but I never did until I was moving into my ascension process (something different to me than just “general healing” which went on for decades – I don’t lump the two together as many people seem to). Through most of my life I liked being sensitive because it let me know the people and environments I was dealing with and if it was crappy energy, I got away from it. But when I started the intensity of my ascension process (by MY definition, which only lasted less than a year) I was in an environment that I didn’t have much choice in and couldn’t move away from it, so I asked the angels one night to put protection around me before I woke up the next day so I could tell what was mine and what was the neighbors’. Much better.

    Also, I’d like to say that I don’t like the conventional meaning of “empathic”, which many say is that we have had similar experiences so understand each other. No, to me it’s more of a emotion / feeling ENERGETIC thing – we pick up on others’ emotions / feelings and sense it in real time… whether we’ve had similar experiences or not, we do have similar emotions and empaths pick up on that.

    I find that ritual of some nature is often good for “energetic hygiene”. Perhaps something as simple as brushing your hands over your limbs and torso while thinking of brushing off the crap energy. I would caution though that you NOT send it to the planet because she’s having a tough enough time as it is. Instead send it back to God / Infinite Light where it will be recycled.

    Also, just intend to have an energetic cleanse with your shower or bath. If you need a more immediate cleansing, just wash your hands and face with the proper intention.

    As I’ve been more energetically pooped after too many years of INTENSE Energetic Service Work helping Gaia and humanity, I often task my angels with things. I ask them to put an exhaust hood over me, like you’d have above the stove, to gently but definitely suck icky energy off as I release it.


    • Thank you for your wonderful comment. I absolutely love the suggestion of sending it back into the universe basically, god, source energy. Love it! Exactly.. Mama Gaia is being very strong and dealing with so much! Source energy can always take from us what we do not need and our angels LOVE to be given tasks, so many of them walk around “unemployed”. It definitely got worse for me too when I went through my kundalini awakening which was crazy for about a year and then settled into an even state of awareness, the intensity faded lol.


      • Did you have your kundalini rising at the usual time – around midlife / 40 / Uranus Opposition or early? I had mine at midlife and had been awake for about a decade by that time so it definitely involved a shakeup in my life, releasing EVERYONE – a long-term partner, family, sports teams I played on, you name it – but energetically it was kinda just more of the same along the lines of healing and spiritual connection.

        It’s way past time for the general masses to start to understand these “Rites of Passage”. No one explains things to them so they reach 40 / midlife and rush out and buy a new sports car, which they can’t afford and cheat on their spouse… instead of routing that sexual / ecstatic energy towards spiritual goals and purpose.


      • I am 32 now. But have been born “awake” so to speak. I have always been clairsentient and clairvoyant as a child but as I got older started blocking it and then denied it all together for a while. Tried to fit in and be “normal”. Then spirit decided it was time to quit that nonsense and everything started collapsing in my life. Marriage, moved to the other side of the world, all kinds of stuff.. And I had my awakening and all these suppressed gifts started coming online again so to speak and it was very overwhelming for about a year. But now it’s balanced out. Stuff was building up and building up and then the big solar eclipse of August 2017 happened and that triggered the actual kundalini. And yep… Life basically gave me no choice but to release everything that was part of the old me.


      • Yep, we “die” a million times over during all this. I’ve been what I call “ascension-ready” since early 2011, got used up energetically and yet am now “dying” yet again. And with how spent I am from service work, I’m kinda hoping that this time it doesn’t actually result in me heading out the actual death portal. *shaking head* This ascension project has been completely nuts.


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