After months of working on this course off and on, it’s finally ready to be shared.

I have been on a spiritual path since birth really, I’ve always been intrigued by mystical/esoteric teachings. And I have always sensed more than the average human being. For a long time I was alone in feeling this way. I did have my mother to guide me, who is an intuitive channel/healer and she took me under her wing and taught me all about channeling and meditation and self-hypnosis ever since I was only a teenager, so you could say that I’ve been on a spiritual development journey for the last 20 years.

Times are changing and people are waking up to their inter-dimensional nature. And I felt the call by Source to start spreading my knowledge.

This is a free 3 hour course, all video modules are between 15-30 minutes long. And I cover the following topics:

💠Opening up and receiving from Source:
🔹️recognizing intuition physically & energetically
🔹️the difference between spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, archangels, cosmic guidance..
🔹️the difference between channeling, mediumship and meditative messages
🔹️talking to your higher self, spirit guides etc.
🔹️listening to guidance, how to receive..

💠Removing blocks and clearing the channel & psychic protection:
🔹️canceling religious/cultural conditioning
🔹️removing past life blocks
🔹️short clearing session to clear the channel
🔹️a healthy physical lifestyle promotes a healthy connection

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