Angels & Dragons and other things…

You can rely on me for your angel readings, dragon eye channelings, and more..

I started collecting my dragon channelings into a story…

You can read chapter 1 here:

chapter 1


[By Auriël]

“Angels and dragons have always been allies. Angels have incarnated on earth for as long as earth needed angelic presence. Which has been for all eternity.. “click to read all…

I wrote 2 more chapters to complete the story, the other 2 chapters appeared in our AYTLTS magazine. And after the last chapter was written, I was told to offer it as a little story book..

If you are feeling the call of the dragon realm, and would like to learn more about Angels & Dragons & Other things.. Then I highly encourage you to get the entire story below.

Angels & Dragons & Other Things – PDF

The Avalonian Dragon Tribe’s story.. All 3 chapters ps: payment is possible in all currencies. PayPal automatically converts the currency. If you’d like to calculate the difference to get an idea I recommend this website: