I would love to assist you 1-on-1 on your spiritual journey.

I do have a lot of free resources that I would love for you to dive into first, before I meet you live on video-chat, because I want to make sure that you’ve covered everything that I have to offer free of charge first, such as:

My free intuitive development course “Activate your telephone line to source”

My youtube channel with lots of interesting videos and podcast episodes talking about a variety of metaphysical topics.

I also share a lot of content on my instagram account (scroll down to check out all social media links)

Maybe you’ve received an energy reading from me in the past and would like to dive into what was brought up and work on that face to face through video chat..

If you love all of that.. AND want to dive deeper, and want to really become the best version of yourself, then I’d love to be of service to you and 1-on-1 video coaching is a great option for you! Sessions can be conducted in English or Dutch(Flemish)

I am offering coaching sessions so you can see whether my 1-on-1 mentorship would be a good fit for you! What can you expect when you book a session with me?


individual mentoring of issues that you’d like to get into more deeply, things that you’ve bumped into in my free course that you’d like to develop and have more in depth personalized guidance with. Examples: more individualized advice on using affirmations, personalized guidance on how to connect to your spirit guides, mentorship on removing specific past life blocks, lifting soul ptsd (preferably after I have already familiarized myself with your akashic energy after doing a reading for you), assisting you in establishing a clear and open intuitive channel, coaching you in being a confident person and assisting you in bringing forth your higher self more clearly, and helping you find your goal and mission in life. This would be a great time to get to know each other, see where you need specific guidance and if you want to dive in deeper, then I’d love to mentor you further!


An energy reading. I may receive intuitive guidance on how I should mentor you in the moment, this however is different from an in depth akashic reading. This is a very intuitive coaching session, very much a 2 way conversation.

Or maybe you’ve completed the mentorship with me, and would like a follow-up session? Great! I’d love to see how you’re doing now..

single coaching session (1 hour)

schedule 1 session on the calendar below after finalizing payment