This is so much more than just a reading. This is a journey back Home to your origin..

I translate lightcodes by opening a portal and accessing your cosmic akashic records after you have granted me permission to do so. It is then that I am able to channel, and translate akashic information. Going back to your star system of origin, or angelic realm of origin, your soul blueprint, galactic and earth history, and your spirit guides and angels, or guides from the stars, elementals, parallel life incarnations, and more. . I channel all this info for you into a detailed voice recording.

So this is an awakening journey to a piece of your soul..

I consider every person I work with soul-family. I know that beyond the veil a contract was made with both of our names on it.

I look at your soul-aspects/other incarnations/higher self. I don’t like using the term “past lives” because time outside of the 3D reality is not linear, it is more circular, continuously spiraling.. I prefer to use the term parallel-lives or other soul aspects.. other incarnations that your soul has decided to experience, that we can be in contact with and channel information from to assist us in this current lifetime! And those can be (looking at it linearly) “past” or “future” or just interdimensional, cosmic lives, earth lives.. they are experiences of OUR individual soul. They’re other soul aspects, other versions of you that are existing outside of this here lifetime..

Go to this page where I elaborate a little more on elemental, cosmic, ancestral, spirit animal, angelic guides..

What do you receive:
1 channeled message/cosmic akashic records reading

  • I go over the “timeline” of your soul, and your mission, past lives, and things your higher self and/or guides want you to know at this point in time. 
  • different ascended masters, archangels, guides, galactic guides, etc can step in with messages..
  • And I perform a chakra scan at the end where we look at what came up in the akashic records reading and how this correlates to our chakra system, where some of the blocks that we may be carrying from past lives are represented in our chakra system
  • I send you an in depth audio recording that is on average anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes long.

I’ve noticed after a few years of doing these readings now that it’s not just a reading, the activation of these records for you often hold a lot of healing energy. I kind of liken it to “puzzle pieces” all falling back into place in your soul so to speak. So after the reading, I stay available to you indefinitely for whenever you need to contact me about insights or additional questions that you may have after some of these “puzzle pieces” aka insights fall into place. Sometimes these insights only come after months. Receiving a reading from me means forging a soul contract of support. This is how I see it anyway!

If you want to get more information on the full akashic bundles then go here.

Audio recorded akashic records reading + chakra scan

After I receive your booking, I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss further details, you then get the chance to send me your questions, information and a picture. Time between order and delivery may range anywhere 4 to 6 weeks depending on what my mentorship/coaching schedule looks like, but I will keep you up to date! ps: payment is possible in all currencies. PayPal automatically converts the currency. If you’d like to calculate the difference to get an idea I recommend this website: https://www.xe.com