I offer in depth akashic records readings, and bundles where I create a channeled portrait and offer insights into the higher self and soul history.

But sometimes it is too much info at once, and after some requests I have started to see that maybe some people would like to be able to spread this information out a bit, by receiving just the visual portrait? It’s possible now!

I draw and paint a portrait or visual representation based on what I perceive clairvoyantly on this akashic journey, This is an awakening journey to a piece of your soul..

These portraits don’t come with an in depth akashic reading of your entire records, but instead they come with a short channeled message that will be the start of your own process of getting reacquainted with that part of your soul.

Click here to look at a selection of my favorite channeled portraits to see what other people have received in the past...

Each visual carries individual activations just for you, by connecting to your painting, and by integrating the written channeled message that your guide or parallel life/soul aspect has for you, you can connect with their energy on a very deep and personal level.

I started out offering spirit animal portraits, but what truly triggered my spiritual re-awakening a few years ago were spontaneous past life and inter-dimensional flashbacks and contacts with my own team of light. I had made portraits for myself, and also felt the nudge to offer this to others. I consider every person I work with soul-family. I know that beyond the veil a contract was made with both of our names on it.

For a more comprehensive description of the visual channeling process, and what beings exactly we can work with in the portrait read this page…

Is this for me? Or would I be better off getting the full bundle? More about the differences here:

I connect to your Higher SelfI connect to your Higher Self
I portray your Higher Self/past life/parallel incarnation the way it wishes to come forwardI portray your Higher Self/past life/parallel incarnation the way it wishes to come forward
You receive a short channeled message from that part of your soul that came forward. You receive an in depth akashic reading that goes over the timeline of your soul’s history, mission, gifts to re-awaken and wounds to heal.
You get a personalized guided meditation to connect on a deeper level with your Higher Self
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After I receive your request, I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss further details. Time between order and starting the portrait process may range anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks depending on what my mentorship/coaching schedule looks like, but I will always keep you up to date! Throughout the process I will gladly stay in touch with you through e-mail to keep you up to date and send you progress pictures and videos :).